Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 23

Dear Mom, 
First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know you thought I was going to forget but nope I didn't. I hope your day is great and eat a lot of ice cream for me. Good to hear about the guys. Still the guys I see. Man that is a long time for Daniel to be gone. Send my greetings to both of them. Jeff ah I miss that guy. Thanks for the package. I will try my hardest to wait. Thanks so much for the package.  
1. (How are you getting along with your companion?) We are getting a long good. It's weird just having the two of us in the apartment but its good. Elder Thom is a good missionary and he is such a hard worker.  

2. (Are you on bikes?) Yes we are on bikes. Sometimes we walk though. Funny story. A few days ago we were riding our bikes and this guy pulled out in front of me with his car. He hit me just barely and I had to jump off my bike. Don't worry it wasn't bad at all. But that's not the good part. He tried to blame it on me and then he drove off. But we saw him again just yesterday and talked to him. He asked if I was ok and then we gave him a pamphlet and our number and he said he would call us. It's going to be funny if he actually calls us and we start teaching him. 
3. (Do you go to the mission home much?) No not really. Just for transfers. We have the Christmas conference on Dec 13 so we will be going to the mission home then.  
4. (Do you go on splits and with who?) No I have never been on splits. 
5. (Are you getting a lot of new missionaries?)  I know that next transfer only one elder is leaving but there are 9 elders that are coming. So we are getting new missionaries and I think they are going to have to open and reopen new areas. 
6. (Any baptisms?) We have one on Saturday. Her name is Nadege.  
7. (The best thing you learned this week?) The best thing I learned this week is don't be afraid to talk to anyone., Elder Thom will literally talk to anyone and that is a great quality to have. I also learned of the power of the book of Mormon. During a lesson a gave quite a powerful promise about the book of Mormon and I hope I don't regret it. I hope we get to see the lady this week. Also I learned that I like to read. Who would of thought? ha just kidding but really I read the Book "our search for happiness" by Elder Ballard. It is such a great book. I would recommend it to everyone to read. It gives such a great basic overview about the church and has strengthened my testimony.  
8. (Are you close to the temple?) Yes it's like a 20 minute tro tro ride. The temple and mission home are very close, like walking distance. 
9. (What are you eating?) Well that is a good question mother. Let me see here. Rice, chicken, banku, fufu, oats, bread, pasta, Hot chocolate, FanIce and other things. I am eating well. For once in my life I'm fat. Ok well I'm not that fat but I am a little bigger.  
Thanks mom for writing me each week. It really means a lot. I hope you have a great holiday. I actually saw a turkey this week. Like a live one. This guy were teaching, where he lives there are 2 turkeys. It made me think of thanksgiving. Logan will be sweet and send Kyle my love if you get to see him. Thanks again for everything. 
Love Elder Thornhill

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