Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 98

Mom ,
We had a great baptism. He was very ready. We had quite the experience to try and have the baptism. We went to our chapel and there was no water. So then we got organized and went with everyone to another chapel nearby and started filling that font but then the water stopped running so then we had to move again to the chapel on the temple complex and there was finally water ha. It was a good memory. Quite the adventure. 
Sounds like the wedding was great. I will have to met this Roxanna lady. I am sure they played some 80's music for Jacob ha.  
Well the big news this week is that I am training a new missionary. I got the call on Tuesday and I was a little surprised. I will just be able to do half. I will also be going to an area called ODA which is in the eastern region of Ghana. It's in the bush but it's a pretty big town. I went there once when I was in the office. I will have a lot on my plate but it's should be great. I am excited. love you mom 

Hey dad how is it going? How is the bishopric? I was talking to my companion yesterday about how mission lets you know about how a ward works and all the different callings and work that goes in to maintaining  a ward. Yep transfers are on Wednesday and I actually will be leaving to go to a faraway place called ODA it's in the bush so it's far from Accra. I will be training a new missionary which is kind of weird and reopening an area so it should be an adventure ha. No rest which is a great thing I got a lot to get done. thanks dad I love you 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 97

This Easter was good. We had some activities planned to go with the ward to sing to less active members during the week. The coordination wasn't the best but we were still able to go to see a few less actives with some member on Friday right when we started it began to rain ha it was an experience all the hymn books were getting wet and the members were soaked. It was a good time and one of the less active members came to church on Sunday so that was good. 
We are also looking forward to Vestige's baptism this Saturday. He is so sweet and is so ready he might be the most prepared person I have ever baptized he has a good fellowshipper and we are now trying to work with his wife. She is a little bit hesitant  because she thinks her English isn't good but it really is, so hopefully we can work with her. 
Oh we went to a zoo today. It wasn't too big but it had some cool animals. A crocodile, camel, hyena, a lot of monkeys. We went with the office elders so they could drive us and President and Sister Hill also came so that was pretty cool. It was a good time I'll try to send pictures next week. 
Well things are going good. just keeping on love you have a great week I got the package it was great I already finished most of the candy ha  
Love Elder Thornhill

I enjoyed it very much. I have realized birthdays don't really mean anything ha. It's just another day but we did enjoy with like a gallon of ice cream. We don't get that very much so it was a treat. I was just talking to the guy that runs the internet cafe. He's a good friend and we always have small conversations about the church. He has read the Book of Mormon so that is good but he is not really interested in the church so that is sad but he is a cool guy. thanks dad the jokes are always the best  

love Elder Thornhill

Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 96

Hopefully I can think of something to do for my birthday. Our ward mission leader said he was going to buy like sparkling cider and pour it all over me ha. 
It was actually pretty crazy a church had a big parade on one of the streets they had palm leafs and were singing some songs just walking down the street. We are planning to go to members houses and sing to them on Friday especially less active members. Actually me and some of the other elders started that last night. We studied about Christ riding into the Jerusalem and visiting the temple it was nice.  
Well we had a nice week. Probably the highlight was the baptism we had. The water was not really running so there was only like a foot and a half of water in the font so we just had to work with it. It was nice my companion did a nice job at the baptism, I was surprised everyone was able to be baptized.  It was a good week.  
Elder Thornhill


Thanks we will see how good it works out. Something that I have also realized nothing can take the place of just going out and knocking on doors and contacting people especially here. If you work hard you find cool people and the work is so sweet. I love finding and meeting new people. It just like new possibilities and new people and personalities. It's nice being able to meet and interact with so many people. Thanks dad I love you 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 95

I know I can't believe I'm almost 21 either that sounds so good to me but it's really not that old like people here would say I am still a small boy. have only been able to go to the temple like 4 times since being here. 
This week we had an investigator named Vestige come to church. He is the most prepared person I have ever met. He came for the first time on Sunday and it was fast Sunday. So he asked us if he could bear his testimony and of course we said yes and he went up and bore a powerful testimony. It was so great especially because it was his first time the members were a little shocked people thought he had already been baptized. It was so great I love him so much and the funny thing is we really haven't done anything. I can truly say that the Lord has prepared him so well for the restored gospel. Things are going good still trying to help the zone improve and everything but things are going great. Love you mom 
Elder Thornhill

Mission life is pretty great. I am enjoying it and the new activities we are doing to find new people have been great. Street meeting and things like that. We are trying to set something up with a local university to have maybe an open forum or maybe a class or something. We have even considered doing it out school and busting out the soap box and start preaching but we may have to see about that last one. That is cool it's about time in Ivory Coast they have a big mission and they baptize a lot of people. Thanks dad I love you.

Elder Thornhill