Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 98

Mom ,
We had a great baptism. He was very ready. We had quite the experience to try and have the baptism. We went to our chapel and there was no water. So then we got organized and went with everyone to another chapel nearby and started filling that font but then the water stopped running so then we had to move again to the chapel on the temple complex and there was finally water ha. It was a good memory. Quite the adventure. 
Sounds like the wedding was great. I will have to met this Roxanna lady. I am sure they played some 80's music for Jacob ha.  
Well the big news this week is that I am training a new missionary. I got the call on Tuesday and I was a little surprised. I will just be able to do half. I will also be going to an area called ODA which is in the eastern region of Ghana. It's in the bush but it's a pretty big town. I went there once when I was in the office. I will have a lot on my plate but it's should be great. I am excited. love you mom 

Hey dad how is it going? How is the bishopric? I was talking to my companion yesterday about how mission lets you know about how a ward works and all the different callings and work that goes in to maintaining  a ward. Yep transfers are on Wednesday and I actually will be leaving to go to a faraway place called ODA it's in the bush so it's far from Accra. I will be training a new missionary which is kind of weird and reopening an area so it should be an adventure ha. No rest which is a great thing I got a lot to get done. thanks dad I love you 

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