Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 95

I know I can't believe I'm almost 21 either that sounds so good to me but it's really not that old like people here would say I am still a small boy. have only been able to go to the temple like 4 times since being here. 
This week we had an investigator named Vestige come to church. He is the most prepared person I have ever met. He came for the first time on Sunday and it was fast Sunday. So he asked us if he could bear his testimony and of course we said yes and he went up and bore a powerful testimony. It was so great especially because it was his first time the members were a little shocked people thought he had already been baptized. It was so great I love him so much and the funny thing is we really haven't done anything. I can truly say that the Lord has prepared him so well for the restored gospel. Things are going good still trying to help the zone improve and everything but things are going great. Love you mom 
Elder Thornhill

Mission life is pretty great. I am enjoying it and the new activities we are doing to find new people have been great. Street meeting and things like that. We are trying to set something up with a local university to have maybe an open forum or maybe a class or something. We have even considered doing it out school and busting out the soap box and start preaching but we may have to see about that last one. That is cool it's about time in Ivory Coast they have a big mission and they baptize a lot of people. Thanks dad I love you.

Elder Thornhill

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