Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 97

This Easter was good. We had some activities planned to go with the ward to sing to less active members during the week. The coordination wasn't the best but we were still able to go to see a few less actives with some member on Friday right when we started it began to rain ha it was an experience all the hymn books were getting wet and the members were soaked. It was a good time and one of the less active members came to church on Sunday so that was good. 
We are also looking forward to Vestige's baptism this Saturday. He is so sweet and is so ready he might be the most prepared person I have ever baptized he has a good fellowshipper and we are now trying to work with his wife. She is a little bit hesitant  because she thinks her English isn't good but it really is, so hopefully we can work with her. 
Oh we went to a zoo today. It wasn't too big but it had some cool animals. A crocodile, camel, hyena, a lot of monkeys. We went with the office elders so they could drive us and President and Sister Hill also came so that was pretty cool. It was a good time I'll try to send pictures next week. 
Well things are going good. just keeping on love you have a great week I got the package it was great I already finished most of the candy ha  
Love Elder Thornhill

I enjoyed it very much. I have realized birthdays don't really mean anything ha. It's just another day but we did enjoy with like a gallon of ice cream. We don't get that very much so it was a treat. I was just talking to the guy that runs the internet cafe. He's a good friend and we always have small conversations about the church. He has read the Book of Mormon so that is good but he is not really interested in the church so that is sad but he is a cool guy. thanks dad the jokes are always the best  

love Elder Thornhill

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