Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 46

Dear Mother, 
I am still in Mataheko. Thank you . I hope President Clegg enjoyed his trip.  
Well this week we went to a BYU Idaho concert thing at the temple site with one of our investigators. It was a good experience for her. She is a tough girl to read so it had been difficult to prepare her for baptism. I also conducted my first baptismal interview this week. It was a great experience and he was so ready. But alas he didn't show on Sunday and the other Elders couldn't get a hold of him. It was sad but hopefully he will be baptized next month. We have this complex in our area called the SSNIT flats and it has like 19 big apartment buildings. We have been doing a lot of finding up there but haven't had too much success. It has been good. We have knocked on a lot of doors. That is what I have found to be most effective here. Street contacting is hard because its hard to find out where they live. I was a little angry at my companion and I had to repent for that. It is so nice to be happy all the time. I hated having that feeling of anger in me. 3 Nephi 11:29. I read the parable of the lost sheep and related in to missionary work. And I asked myself if I am a shepherd or a sheep herder. I have really enjoyed my studies this week. the church is true. I love you mom have a great week. Well have a great week. Love you 
Elder Thornhill

Dear dad, 
Thanks dad for writing me ever week it really means a lot. I hope you have a great week. I hope everything at work is ok. The jokes are grade A. Love you dad 
Elder Thornhill

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 45

Dear Mother
That is sad to hear about the Marathon. It's crazy how little news we get from the US. It's kind of nice honestly. We had a good week this week. We taught a lot of lessons and met some good people. I was kind of frustrated on Sunday because we worked hard this week and we only got one at church. But then I realized that 1. People have their agency and I can't change that and 2. and more important that there is always more that I can be doing as a missionary to help this people come unto Christ. So I realized that I can do more and push myself to really be the missionary that My Heavenly Father wants me to be. So I guess that was worst and best about this week I guess. We got denied pretty bad at an apartment complex this week but we also got a few lessons so that was good. We had white people in our ward this week. It was weird. One thing that I learned this week was to have a positive attitude and realize that this message is for everyone. We knocked on some massive houses this week and it was so comforting to know that I know that I have something that can bless this person's life more than anything. I am so glad for my testimony. We taught an investigator too much this week. It was our first visit and I was excited and so we taught him way too much. Like lesson 1 lesson 3 including baptisms for the dead and also Book of Mormon. Afterwards we realized that we taught him way too much. but hopefully we didn't scare him off. He seems really cool so I am not worried. Well I think that is all for this week. Have a great week.
Love Elder Thornhill

Dear Father,
My companion is from South Hampton. Ha yes I love his English accent. It's really cool. Its true there are a lot of different ways to speak English I have learned that for sure. Thanks dad. This week we worked hard and taught a lot of lessons but we didn't have many at church. its hard but I definitely learned that there is always more I can be doing.
Love Your Son

Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 44

Dear Mother,
Thanks mom. I had the lucky charms today so thank you for those. We don't have an oven so I don't know if that will be possible. Sorry about the short letter last week. I didn't have too much time. My companion is 26 and has been out about 6 months. He has been a member for like 2 years. Yes I have a camera I will send some pictures today hopefully. We use the introduction a lot and usually have them read specific passages. That is a good way to share it talking about the new and old world and helping people to understand its scripture from a different part of the world than the Bible.
2. (How many investigators do you have now?) Not enough. We have been doing so much finding but we haven't found enough serious people but we are definitely working on it. We met some good people this week.
3. (Best contact for the week?) Edna. She is older and has a family. She said she really felt the spirit the first time we taught here so that was good and if think she will really progress.
4. (Best lesson for the week?) Jaures. He is from Ivory Coast and he has been reading the Book of Mormon a lot. But he really likes his church and so hopefully he can have the faith to leave that church.
5. (Best thing you ate this week?) Jollof rice with bananas. So good. We had dinner at a members house. They are Nigerian. So much food. I haven't eaten that much food ever.
The week was good. A lot of finding. We got rejected but it's ok because there are always more people that want to listen to us. But my companion is great. Things are good. have a great week.
Love Elder Thornhill
P.S. oh I almost forgot to say that our house flooded. It was light off and someone left the faucet on in the kitchen so in the middle of the night the power came on and the water started to run. and our drain is spoiled so the water just went on to the apartment floor. So we woke up with about an inch and a half of water in our room at 3 in the morning. We had to sweep it all out of the house and it took about 2 hours. It was a pretty funny experience.

Mitchell with his companion, Elder Scanlan
With his old companion

Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 43

Dear Mother, 
1. (Have you seen president Clegg?) Yes on Saturday I saw him. Kind of weird but great at the same time. Thanks for the packages. I had a bowl of Trix today so that was just great.  
2. (Where are the new missionaries from that are living with you now?) Elder Ikoro from Nigeria and elder Scanlan from England.  

3. (Did you stay with your companion?) No I am now with elder Scanlan. They split the area so they just split our companionship.  
4. (Best thing this week.) Finding, finding, and more finding. I actually enjoy finding and it is always an adventure. My companion used frog in a contact so that was funny.  
5. (Worst thing this week.) Just not having really any investigators. The way the area was split we didn't really get any so the next few weeks will just be finding.  

Elder Scanlan is from England and he is really cool. I like him a lot. We get along really well and I always ask him questions about England. The church is true this week was good. Nothing too much to say. Have a great week everyone 
love Elder Thornhill

Elder Thornhill with his old companion, Elder Nelson

With our stake president, President Clegg 
The four living in the apartment

Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 42

Dearest Mother, 
That might be the best tradition you have ever started. When I get home we can study Jesus the Christ as a family ha. I love how much more I know about the Savior. I just finished the chapter about why Jesus taught in parables. it was great. That sounds like so much fun. I wish I could of been there. Yes I would love the ensign we won't watch it until like may. 
Tuesday- Very spiritual DCM. We learned one of the members of our district is going home early because of sickness so the announced that on Tuesday. I felt the spirit so strong and then at the end I offered one of the most spiritual and heartfelt prayers I have ever offered. It was such a great experience. 
Friday- Went to the area office and the doctor looked at my foot and then he cut off part of my toenail. It hurt getting a shot in the toe. It was funny right before Elder Elmer started he said this isn't going to be the most sterile procedure. All I could do was laugh and say "it's ok we are in Africa." so my toe was sore on Friday but it is feeling good now. 
Sunday- Charles came to be confirmed. Usually he just wears like a local African shirt but he showed up on Sunday will a white shirt and tie. He looked great. I love that man. Also Clement came to church. He lived in the US for like 15y ears and his wife and kids are in Virginia but he lives here. He really liked it and hopefully he will get baptized this month. 
Transfers are on Wednesday we are getting more missionaries in our apartment so that will be interesting. But the week was good. Have a great week. 
Love Elder Thornhill 

Dear Father, 
Yes we have transfers this week Wednesday. We are getting more missionaries in our apartment so that should be interesting and the district may get reorganized. I don't think I will move areas so I don't think we will have to worry. Great Chuck Norris joke by the way. ha 
Love Elder Thornhill