Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 43

Dear Mother, 
1. (Have you seen president Clegg?) Yes on Saturday I saw him. Kind of weird but great at the same time. Thanks for the packages. I had a bowl of Trix today so that was just great.  
2. (Where are the new missionaries from that are living with you now?) Elder Ikoro from Nigeria and elder Scanlan from England.  

3. (Did you stay with your companion?) No I am now with elder Scanlan. They split the area so they just split our companionship.  
4. (Best thing this week.) Finding, finding, and more finding. I actually enjoy finding and it is always an adventure. My companion used frog in a contact so that was funny.  
5. (Worst thing this week.) Just not having really any investigators. The way the area was split we didn't really get any so the next few weeks will just be finding.  

Elder Scanlan is from England and he is really cool. I like him a lot. We get along really well and I always ask him questions about England. The church is true this week was good. Nothing too much to say. Have a great week everyone 
love Elder Thornhill

Elder Thornhill with his old companion, Elder Nelson

With our stake president, President Clegg 
The four living in the apartment

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