Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Week 81

It was very nice to talk with everyone. I am sure Erica did a great job on her talk and there were probably a lot of people there. I am almost done with the new testament. I have like 15 pages left and I should finish by the end of the month. The open house should be great. An Elder in our apartment got this missionary book for Christmas and I already read it all. It is called the Power of Everyday Missionaries by Clayton Christensen. If you have a chance I would really suggest it. It really just kind of open my vision I guess to what members can do to help missionary work. It's a great book. We don't usually teach it but sometimes we are asked to take the class. Well love you mom have a great week. 
Love Elder Thornhill

The Chuck Norris jokes are always the best. A member raises the bunnies. He is a cop but he loves animals he has bunnies and a dog and fish and all kinds of animals. Thanks dad  I love you. have a wonderful week. 

Love Elder Thornhill

Monday, December 23, 2013

Week 80

Dear mom, 
I think I will call around 12 or 1 your time. I'll call dads phone. We did not eat the bunny but we did kill and dress a chicken that we are eating today with our ward mission leader it was cool. Just one quick story I went on exchanges and an investigator was driving us to the area which is kind of far away. And in the middle of the hour trip the car broke down and wouldn't start. The man was trying to fix it and I kept getting the feeling to say a prayer but I brushed it off of a little. Finally I asked the man and my companion to say a prayer. The man told me to say it and after we said it he tried to start it again and it started right up. It was so sweet. Well that the story for this week. Talk to you soon. 

Love Elder Thornhill

Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 79

I was thinking the same thing. It seems like time has gone so fast. It seems weird that she is already home. That is a big change your life is no longer planned out for you. 
We had Christmas conference this week on Tuesday. It was sweet. I got to see some friends it was good seeing everyone and we ate some good food.
We also had a zone training meeting this week and we introduced some new key indicators with new defined definitions. It was good. Some elders didn't agree and weren't so fond of the standards of excellence that we set, but I think they will make us push and accomplish more. We went on exchanges on Friday to Kasoa and had a sweet open venue or a crusade as I like to call it. Just had some posters and contacting people. It was sweet and we talked to a lot of cool people. There were about 10 missionaries there and it was a great time. We also had an open house in Buduburam. It was a lot of fun and it started out a little rough because no members were there but it turned out to be a great event. I really enjoyed it and talked to a lot of people got shutdown sometimes but that is always fun. I am still going strong on the New Testament challenge. It has been great well love you have a great week. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 78

Dear mom, 
That's sweet about the missionaries. I have like no time today it has been kind of hectic sorry I can't write much we have an FHE to get too. This week we had MLC it was good. We also went to iron city for a street contacting activity. It was really fun and we contacted a lot of people and hopefully they get to teach some people. I think they got like 89 names or something like that. Sorry there is not much to say. We have Christmas conference this week so that should be fun. Well gotta go love you mom


It was really good. We got a lot done and talked about a lot of things. So hopefully at the zone meeting we will be able to convey the message. I think people forget that one of the most important parts of being a missionary is just being able to be friendly to people and be able to talk and converse with them. If you have good social skills, you can be a great missionary. Thanks dad I love you thank for all you have done for me. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 77

Dear Mother, 
I am sure Logan was lovely. Just too cold for you ha. Just doing interviews for the District leaders and going on exchanges and just helping and training the missionaries. I don't have too many details yet. We have MLC this week so we'll see how that goes. My companion is Elder Ogembo from Kenya. He is cool we came at the same time. I think I am also in for the scripture challenge. I have to catch up today but I'll do it thanks for the challenge. We went on exchanges this week and were able to do some interviews. We also had an open house which was also great. We were able to contact some nice people and almost got some fufu but we had to decline the offer from  the lady ha. Pretty good week I am studying in the Doctrine and Covenants and well as the Book of Mormon and it is great. We saw some parrots today and they even said hello, it was pretty sweet. Well I think that it for this week. Love you mom. 


Ghana is sweet things are going good. We have mission leadership council this week so that should be great. I am excited. We went on exchanges this week and I love learning things from other missionaries and seeing how they do things. It was fun. thanks dad I love you have a great week.