Monday, December 23, 2013

Week 80

Dear mom, 
I think I will call around 12 or 1 your time. I'll call dads phone. We did not eat the bunny but we did kill and dress a chicken that we are eating today with our ward mission leader it was cool. Just one quick story I went on exchanges and an investigator was driving us to the area which is kind of far away. And in the middle of the hour trip the car broke down and wouldn't start. The man was trying to fix it and I kept getting the feeling to say a prayer but I brushed it off of a little. Finally I asked the man and my companion to say a prayer. The man told me to say it and after we said it he tried to start it again and it started right up. It was so sweet. Well that the story for this week. Talk to you soon. 

Love Elder Thornhill

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