Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 33

Dear Mother, 
Yes It was a very exciting week.   

1. (Where is your companion from? What is his name?) His name is Elder Nelson. He is from Waddell. Apparently it is by Phoenix. I have never heard of it before but I am sure dad knows where it is.  

3. (How are you doing as a trainer?) That is an inspired question mom. I think it would be better to ask him, I feel like it is going well. We had a baptism yesterday but we didn't have enough people at sacrament. We need to extend more dates and find some new investigators but things are going well.  

4. (What was the hardest thing about the week?) Just having to lead in everything. And really do everything. Elder Thom liked to manage everything so sometimes it was hard and now it has just been a little hard adjusting from junior companion to trainer.  

5. (What was the most pleasant surprise ?) It rained! Elder Nelson is super cool and the baptism actually went really well.  

6. (Do you still just have the two of you in the apartment?) Yes just two but I'm sure we will get more very soon.   

7. (Did you have any amazing discussions this week?) We had some bad lessons. We had good lessons but not really any amazing lessons. 

8. (Are you writing down things that are bugging you?) Da bee. Sorry I need to do better at that but I'm doing ok not to many things are bugging me right now. 

9. (What was the coolest thing that happened this week?) I can't remember mom I'm sorry. We washed our clothes today that was kind of cool. 

This week was good. Kwame and Perfect were baptized yesterday and the baptism went very good. I was a little worried because I had to tell the bishop about it right before church but it went really well. Both these people are great and it was a great experience. Training is going ok. My companion was sick on Friday so I guess I failed in the aspect but things are going well. My mind is pretty blank right now. Oh I started watching the district DVD's. Those things are pretty entertaining. Favorite quote "if you don't use the area don't understand the atonement"  I understand where she is coming from but that is quite a big jump ha. That is about it for this week. I love you 

Elder Thornhill

Dear Father, 
Thank you dad. I am a proud father (trainer) of a bouncing baby boy (trainee). He is 21 and is from Waddell. Elder Nelson. Thank you for your confidence dad. It means a lot. I hope your week went well. Thanks for everything dad. I got some more dear elders today. Those are much appreciated.

Love Elder Thornhill

Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 32

Dear Mother, 
I am doing well. And drum roll please.......................................................................................................Yes I will be training. President called me at about 10 15 on Tuesday night. I thought I was home free. I was in bed almost asleep and bam called to be a trainer. I really hope that I can do a good job. I am scared but I think the Lord wants to push me and make me stretch. Standing in holy places will keep you safe that is something that I know. Ah no not Lance that is too bad. I think the truth you can learn is that the truth always comes out. When we stand before God we won't be able to hide anything.   

1.(Best thing that happened?) Investigator was confirmed. Edward went to priesthood and to church and looked sweet. Bishop gave me a hug. I think that means he is starting to like us more. 

2. (Hardest discussion to teach?) Ha well this week we had an interesting discussion with a man named E Prince. WE to make it short he is also a missionary and he thought that he knew so much more than us because he has gone to school for 5 years. Basically it was him preaching to us for about an hour. I didn't loss my cool but it was hard. But it's ok we don't have to teach him again. 

3. (Weirdest thing you ate?) I had sugar cane that made me sick other than that nothing too crazy.  

4. (Best scripture of the week?) Luke, I'm not sure where but where Jesus says "not my will but thine be done."

5. (Did you go on any splits this week?) Da bee. That is no in Twi.  

Well next week should be more exciting. I will have a son (trainee) and there will be a lot of firsts for him. I am scared and it like the blind leading the blind but I know that as I rely on the Lord and submit my will everything will go well.  

Love Elder Thornhill 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 31

Dear Mother, 

Yes we are on later today as well. We had a little nap in the afternoon, Elder Thom was really tired today so he slept. It was a good week. Busy and a lot of people. Sometimes I get stressed when I think of all the people we have and then I just realize that I need to relax and just take one step at a time. Yes we baptized Edward and Stella. It was a good baptism. Yes I do and now I know how you feel. Yesterday we had church and then Elder Thom had interviews and then we had some lessons so I didn't eat lunch. I have realized that I need to eat every meal or else I get hungry and then grouchy and that is not good. That is very good. I do remember that it was a long time ago. 

Oh I miss big Al. That is a great family. I'm sure it was great to see him. Sam is so funny. I love that guy.  

1. (What was your best thing that happened this week?) Probably the baptism. It was really good and it's great to see your labors pay off.  

2. (What was your worst thing that happened this week?) Stella didn't come to church and wasn't confirmed. and another lady Mabel said she wasn't ready so she wasn't baptized this week. It was really sad. I hope we can resolve her concern and I confident that she will be baptized very soon. 

3. (What was your hardest thing that happened?) Stressing out over the baptism and also church with the confirmations. Sometimes it is so stressful. 

4. (What made you the happiest this week?) We have a great investigator named Perfect. She is so awesome. She reads the commitments we give here and her understanding is great. She is going to be a solid member. She just needs a special interview with President and hopefully she will be baptized and also hymn number 307. In our lovely Deseret. It has some of the best lyrics. it is my hymn of the week.  

5. (What did you learn this week?) Always make sure investigators get to church early when they are being confirmed. Take the baptism records seriously and make sure they are filled out. Work with the ward mission leader to coordinate baptisms better. Also prepare with teaching Sunday school. I had to teach our investigators class yesterday but I didn't find out till Saturday and when I went to prepare we didn't have the gospel doctrines book so I had to wing the lesson. It actually went ok and we had a nice class discussion   

I don't need anything. But if you would like to send me a flat rate envelope full of starbursts that would be ok I guess. 

Oh and transfers have been moved up a week so they are next Thursday. Trainers are being called tomorrow so hope they don't call me. Elder Thom goes home in 15 days. This week was good.  

Love Elder Thornhill

Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 30

Dearest Mother, 
I got a lot of letters from other people this week. On Thursday we went to the mission home for a special interview for Edward. He is 68 has had 5 wives and 8 kids. He has a lot of crazy stories too. He is pretty awesome. But we went to the mission home so I got to pick up mail. The cub scout troop sent me a package so I want to thank them. I wrote letters back to everyone so I'll send those out soon. We had a crazy day yesterday. A lot of people at sacrament and we had some interviews to do but things are looking good for this month. We are going to have a baptism on Saturday which should be really good I am looking forward to it. Also I saw Elder Bradley at the special interview and he was telling me about a girl in Teshie who is getting baptized. I was teaching her when I first came on mission so it has been a long process but she is getting baptized and I am so happy for her. 

1. (What was the most exciting thing that happened this week?) Probably just seeing all the people at sacrament. We had like 10 investigators so it was great. Also the special interview was good and seeing Elder Bradley.   

2. (What was the best thing you learned in studying this week?) I have been studying in Helaman. And I just like the simplicity of the Book of Mormon. Hel 4:23 is pretty powerful. I have also been reading the Doctrine and Covenants. That is great as well. I need to do better to write down my impressions and things like that.  

3. (How do they celebrate the new year?) More fireworks and a lot of music and everyone goes to church. They call it watch night and people go to church all night. It pretty crazy so people weren't to interested. I went to bed early that night. we did have a ward party and they didn't understand why we couldn't stay till midnight. 

4. (How long before your companion goes home?) 3 weeks and he does not want to go home at all. If he could he would switch me places. 

5. (What discussion is your favorite?) I like lesson 3 and the book of Mormon. It is also fun to resolve concerns. Like speaking in tongues and baptism twice and other things like that. It feels good to be able to resolve concerns and be confident when doing so. 

I think that is it for now. 

Love Elder Thornhill

Dear Father, 
Chale Howfa? That means friend how are you. I love the way people speak here. It is very informal and chill but then at the same time formal .It's hard to explain but I love it. I do remember those days. Now if it is past 10 I need to get to bed ha. I am definitely lame in that aspect. Some missionaries like to stay up late but I can't do it. I love going to bed. I need my rest for sure.,  

Thanks dad I can't wait to read about your experiences. I need to do better at that. Well this week was good. Saw Elder Bradley at the mission home randomly. We are baptizing a 68  year old man that may have one of the craziest past I have ever heard. Think of something and her has done it. 5 wives 8 kids. Served in the Nigerian army. they thought he was a spy so he got thrown in jail. Was a professional driver. Went to Europe and the Bahamas. has a Swedish wife and 2 kids with her. Served on a ship. He has done everything. Oh yea trained professional boxers. HE may be as cool as Chuck Norris. Although I'm not sure how much of this stuff it true. He is the greatest. Thanks dad for writing this week is going to be great.  

Love Elder Thornhill