Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 31

Dear Mother, 

Yes we are on later today as well. We had a little nap in the afternoon, Elder Thom was really tired today so he slept. It was a good week. Busy and a lot of people. Sometimes I get stressed when I think of all the people we have and then I just realize that I need to relax and just take one step at a time. Yes we baptized Edward and Stella. It was a good baptism. Yes I do and now I know how you feel. Yesterday we had church and then Elder Thom had interviews and then we had some lessons so I didn't eat lunch. I have realized that I need to eat every meal or else I get hungry and then grouchy and that is not good. That is very good. I do remember that it was a long time ago. 

Oh I miss big Al. That is a great family. I'm sure it was great to see him. Sam is so funny. I love that guy.  

1. (What was your best thing that happened this week?) Probably the baptism. It was really good and it's great to see your labors pay off.  

2. (What was your worst thing that happened this week?) Stella didn't come to church and wasn't confirmed. and another lady Mabel said she wasn't ready so she wasn't baptized this week. It was really sad. I hope we can resolve her concern and I confident that she will be baptized very soon. 

3. (What was your hardest thing that happened?) Stressing out over the baptism and also church with the confirmations. Sometimes it is so stressful. 

4. (What made you the happiest this week?) We have a great investigator named Perfect. She is so awesome. She reads the commitments we give here and her understanding is great. She is going to be a solid member. She just needs a special interview with President and hopefully she will be baptized and also hymn number 307. In our lovely Deseret. It has some of the best lyrics. it is my hymn of the week.  

5. (What did you learn this week?) Always make sure investigators get to church early when they are being confirmed. Take the baptism records seriously and make sure they are filled out. Work with the ward mission leader to coordinate baptisms better. Also prepare with teaching Sunday school. I had to teach our investigators class yesterday but I didn't find out till Saturday and when I went to prepare we didn't have the gospel doctrines book so I had to wing the lesson. It actually went ok and we had a nice class discussion   

I don't need anything. But if you would like to send me a flat rate envelope full of starbursts that would be ok I guess. 

Oh and transfers have been moved up a week so they are next Thursday. Trainers are being called tomorrow so hope they don't call me. Elder Thom goes home in 15 days. This week was good.  

Love Elder Thornhill

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  1. Hi Mitchell,

    Nick and Ben saw your post. They are happy to hear that you received your package from the scouts. We hope your mission is going well. It sounds like you have been very busy. Mike,Molly, Nick,and Ben.