Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 32

Dear Mother, 
I am doing well. And drum roll please.......................................................................................................Yes I will be training. President called me at about 10 15 on Tuesday night. I thought I was home free. I was in bed almost asleep and bam called to be a trainer. I really hope that I can do a good job. I am scared but I think the Lord wants to push me and make me stretch. Standing in holy places will keep you safe that is something that I know. Ah no not Lance that is too bad. I think the truth you can learn is that the truth always comes out. When we stand before God we won't be able to hide anything.   

1.(Best thing that happened?) Investigator was confirmed. Edward went to priesthood and to church and looked sweet. Bishop gave me a hug. I think that means he is starting to like us more. 

2. (Hardest discussion to teach?) Ha well this week we had an interesting discussion with a man named E Prince. WE to make it short he is also a missionary and he thought that he knew so much more than us because he has gone to school for 5 years. Basically it was him preaching to us for about an hour. I didn't loss my cool but it was hard. But it's ok we don't have to teach him again. 

3. (Weirdest thing you ate?) I had sugar cane that made me sick other than that nothing too crazy.  

4. (Best scripture of the week?) Luke, I'm not sure where but where Jesus says "not my will but thine be done."

5. (Did you go on any splits this week?) Da bee. That is no in Twi.  

Well next week should be more exciting. I will have a son (trainee) and there will be a lot of firsts for him. I am scared and it like the blind leading the blind but I know that as I rely on the Lord and submit my will everything will go well.  

Love Elder Thornhill 

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