Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 30

Dearest Mother, 
I got a lot of letters from other people this week. On Thursday we went to the mission home for a special interview for Edward. He is 68 has had 5 wives and 8 kids. He has a lot of crazy stories too. He is pretty awesome. But we went to the mission home so I got to pick up mail. The cub scout troop sent me a package so I want to thank them. I wrote letters back to everyone so I'll send those out soon. We had a crazy day yesterday. A lot of people at sacrament and we had some interviews to do but things are looking good for this month. We are going to have a baptism on Saturday which should be really good I am looking forward to it. Also I saw Elder Bradley at the special interview and he was telling me about a girl in Teshie who is getting baptized. I was teaching her when I first came on mission so it has been a long process but she is getting baptized and I am so happy for her. 

1. (What was the most exciting thing that happened this week?) Probably just seeing all the people at sacrament. We had like 10 investigators so it was great. Also the special interview was good and seeing Elder Bradley.   

2. (What was the best thing you learned in studying this week?) I have been studying in Helaman. And I just like the simplicity of the Book of Mormon. Hel 4:23 is pretty powerful. I have also been reading the Doctrine and Covenants. That is great as well. I need to do better to write down my impressions and things like that.  

3. (How do they celebrate the new year?) More fireworks and a lot of music and everyone goes to church. They call it watch night and people go to church all night. It pretty crazy so people weren't to interested. I went to bed early that night. we did have a ward party and they didn't understand why we couldn't stay till midnight. 

4. (How long before your companion goes home?) 3 weeks and he does not want to go home at all. If he could he would switch me places. 

5. (What discussion is your favorite?) I like lesson 3 and the book of Mormon. It is also fun to resolve concerns. Like speaking in tongues and baptism twice and other things like that. It feels good to be able to resolve concerns and be confident when doing so. 

I think that is it for now. 

Love Elder Thornhill

Dear Father, 
Chale Howfa? That means friend how are you. I love the way people speak here. It is very informal and chill but then at the same time formal .It's hard to explain but I love it. I do remember those days. Now if it is past 10 I need to get to bed ha. I am definitely lame in that aspect. Some missionaries like to stay up late but I can't do it. I love going to bed. I need my rest for sure.,  

Thanks dad I can't wait to read about your experiences. I need to do better at that. Well this week was good. Saw Elder Bradley at the mission home randomly. We are baptizing a 68  year old man that may have one of the craziest past I have ever heard. Think of something and her has done it. 5 wives 8 kids. Served in the Nigerian army. they thought he was a spy so he got thrown in jail. Was a professional driver. Went to Europe and the Bahamas. has a Swedish wife and 2 kids with her. Served on a ship. He has done everything. Oh yea trained professional boxers. HE may be as cool as Chuck Norris. Although I'm not sure how much of this stuff it true. He is the greatest. Thanks dad for writing this week is going to be great.  

Love Elder Thornhill

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