Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 33

Dear Mother, 
Yes It was a very exciting week.   

1. (Where is your companion from? What is his name?) His name is Elder Nelson. He is from Waddell. Apparently it is by Phoenix. I have never heard of it before but I am sure dad knows where it is.  

3. (How are you doing as a trainer?) That is an inspired question mom. I think it would be better to ask him, I feel like it is going well. We had a baptism yesterday but we didn't have enough people at sacrament. We need to extend more dates and find some new investigators but things are going well.  

4. (What was the hardest thing about the week?) Just having to lead in everything. And really do everything. Elder Thom liked to manage everything so sometimes it was hard and now it has just been a little hard adjusting from junior companion to trainer.  

5. (What was the most pleasant surprise ?) It rained! Elder Nelson is super cool and the baptism actually went really well.  

6. (Do you still just have the two of you in the apartment?) Yes just two but I'm sure we will get more very soon.   

7. (Did you have any amazing discussions this week?) We had some bad lessons. We had good lessons but not really any amazing lessons. 

8. (Are you writing down things that are bugging you?) Da bee. Sorry I need to do better at that but I'm doing ok not to many things are bugging me right now. 

9. (What was the coolest thing that happened this week?) I can't remember mom I'm sorry. We washed our clothes today that was kind of cool. 

This week was good. Kwame and Perfect were baptized yesterday and the baptism went very good. I was a little worried because I had to tell the bishop about it right before church but it went really well. Both these people are great and it was a great experience. Training is going ok. My companion was sick on Friday so I guess I failed in the aspect but things are going well. My mind is pretty blank right now. Oh I started watching the district DVD's. Those things are pretty entertaining. Favorite quote "if you don't use the area don't understand the atonement"  I understand where she is coming from but that is quite a big jump ha. That is about it for this week. I love you 

Elder Thornhill

Dear Father, 
Thank you dad. I am a proud father (trainer) of a bouncing baby boy (trainee). He is 21 and is from Waddell. Elder Nelson. Thank you for your confidence dad. It means a lot. I hope your week went well. Thanks for everything dad. I got some more dear elders today. Those are much appreciated.

Love Elder Thornhill

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