Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 89

Things are going great. We had a great investigator at church yesterday and we played basketball and volleyball today with some of the zone members. I am studying the Book of Mormon and it has been going great. We got some new elders in our apartment. One is from Australia so he kind of reminds me of Elder Thom ha. We had a film show with an investigator at a members house it went pretty well, the small kids kind of disturbed small but it was good.  
We have a new mission address again here it is: so if you want to send anything send it to this address. 
Ghana Accra West Mission 
PMBCT 209 
West Africa   
Things are going good we are meeting some good people and I love my companion. This gospel is true and I love being able to share it in a casual and comfortable way. Love you 

P.S. I have just a small eye infection ha don't worry, it's ok. Seriously mom don't worry, I was able to see the mission doctor yesterday everything is under control. Sister Hill knows about it and I am doing fine. I can see perfectly it's just swollen small.


Things are going good. We played some volleyball today and I was telling some of the Elders about Coach Dunn ha. I miss that man. It was fun, the islanders know how to play pretty well. That sounds like a sweet activity. Old people always have the best stories. It was a good week, We taught primary for a little on Sunday and that was an experience. It was fun and the ward is great we are working to improve the relationship with the ward. It was a good week love you dad

"Me, Elder Rane, Elder Christensen they are going home soon so we had to get one last picture "

Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 88

Things are great in the new area and I love Elder Davuke. We has a zone meeting this week and it went well. The zone is kind of small only like 20 but it was a good meeting. We had some good lessons this week especially when I went on exchanges with the Alajo elders. We used like a puzzle to teach about the apostasy and it went really well. We had a few investigators at church and that was great. We are also working with this family and hopefully we can help them progress the wife has so many questions but I really hope that we can help them. Thanks for the package I will definitely enjoy it. I really love our Bishop he speaks French so that is cool and his accent is great. We have a mission tour tomorrow which should be great. I am excited for that. Love you mom thanks 

Dear Dad, 
It has been a good week. We had a nice zone meeting and we had some good exchanges and it was nice. It sounds like the trip was nice I remember the place where you took that picture. Seriously they are getting so old. Thanks dad. We have a mission Tour with Elder Dube tomorrow and it should be great. We are getting some new elders in the apartment this week so that is good and it is very clean for when they come. love you dad thanks for the example. 
Living the dream 

Elder Thornhill 

"last night in Odorkor"

"crazy fruit last night in Odorkor"

"baptism first Saturday in New town"

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 87

Dear Mom, 
Yep still a zone leader. I love my companion he is sweet. We have like 18 elders and 4 sisters. I have never really served around sisters so that is a change. Our area is good. The apartment is really nice and we spent like 3 hours cleaning today. It looks so nice now. it was great to see all the elders and I have made some good friends here. I am also reading the Book of Mormon it has been so great I am in Mosiah as well. Our bishop is from the ivory coast but he is sweet, Super dedicated to missionary work so that is good. We are working with one man he has a chastity problem but we are trying to help him. We are also working with another man who knows Joseph Smith is a prophet but doesn't want to join the church. We are really going to try and teach the Great Apostasy really well and help him to see the need for him to be baptized again. We had a baptism on Saturday and it went well the lady has been coming to church for a long time. It has been good I will try and send some pictures next week love you 

Newtown has probably the most concentrated Muslim population in all of Accra it is pretty crazy but it is great I love it here. Elder Davuke is good he is from Fiji and he was trained by Elder Bradley so that is pretty sweet. Thanks dad I am feeling good I know how to do everything no its just going out and accomplishing it. Love you dad

Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 86

We were able to meet with Elder Bednar and that was amazing. It is so amazing the strength of their testimonies. He shared some great experiences. I have also been reading the Book of Mormon and my knowledge is increasing and my testimony as well. That is the keystone of my testimony. Well I am being transferred surprise I dint think I was leaving. I am going to New Town it is actually pretty close to Alajo. I am excited but I really didn't think I was leaving. My companion is Elder Davuke from Fiji. He is sweet he was trained by Elder Bradley. No they are just dusty but I shine them every day so they will last me. I don't have much to say I'll have more next week we have MLC on Thursday. Love you

Ghana is treating me fine. We have a high school next to our house so we were able to play some basketball with some of the high school kids. They were actually pretty good. It was fun. we were able to see Elder Bednar and that was great and I saw Elder Nelson he is doing great. I am going to New town so that should be fun. Love you dad 

Elder Thornhill

"Elder Nelson and the missionary he is training."

"me and Elder Hansen and Elder Chatterly"

"An old district we were in minus one because he went home. "