Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 87

Dear Mom, 
Yep still a zone leader. I love my companion he is sweet. We have like 18 elders and 4 sisters. I have never really served around sisters so that is a change. Our area is good. The apartment is really nice and we spent like 3 hours cleaning today. It looks so nice now. it was great to see all the elders and I have made some good friends here. I am also reading the Book of Mormon it has been so great I am in Mosiah as well. Our bishop is from the ivory coast but he is sweet, Super dedicated to missionary work so that is good. We are working with one man he has a chastity problem but we are trying to help him. We are also working with another man who knows Joseph Smith is a prophet but doesn't want to join the church. We are really going to try and teach the Great Apostasy really well and help him to see the need for him to be baptized again. We had a baptism on Saturday and it went well the lady has been coming to church for a long time. It has been good I will try and send some pictures next week love you 

Newtown has probably the most concentrated Muslim population in all of Accra it is pretty crazy but it is great I love it here. Elder Davuke is good he is from Fiji and he was trained by Elder Bradley so that is pretty sweet. Thanks dad I am feeling good I know how to do everything no its just going out and accomplishing it. Love you dad

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