Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 89

Things are going great. We had a great investigator at church yesterday and we played basketball and volleyball today with some of the zone members. I am studying the Book of Mormon and it has been going great. We got some new elders in our apartment. One is from Australia so he kind of reminds me of Elder Thom ha. We had a film show with an investigator at a members house it went pretty well, the small kids kind of disturbed small but it was good.  
We have a new mission address again here it is: so if you want to send anything send it to this address. 
Ghana Accra West Mission 
PMBCT 209 
West Africa   
Things are going good we are meeting some good people and I love my companion. This gospel is true and I love being able to share it in a casual and comfortable way. Love you 

P.S. I have just a small eye infection ha don't worry, it's ok. Seriously mom don't worry, I was able to see the mission doctor yesterday everything is under control. Sister Hill knows about it and I am doing fine. I can see perfectly it's just swollen small.


Things are going good. We played some volleyball today and I was telling some of the Elders about Coach Dunn ha. I miss that man. It was fun, the islanders know how to play pretty well. That sounds like a sweet activity. Old people always have the best stories. It was a good week, We taught primary for a little on Sunday and that was an experience. It was fun and the ward is great we are working to improve the relationship with the ward. It was a good week love you dad

"Me, Elder Rane, Elder Christensen they are going home soon so we had to get one last picture "

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