Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 85

It was a good week,  we went on exchanges this week which was really good. We were able to do baptismal interviews a lot this week so that was also great. Nothing too exciting. He is coming on Thursday I am so excited to see Elder Nelson. We have transfers next week. The gospel is so true and for everyone I just wish people knew the same thing. Thanks mom I love you I hope you like the pictures 

Love Your Son

I have been there are few times it's a nice place but I never got to see the new chapel. I hear its really nice.They never whitewash areas here I don't know why maybe because there are always people the missionaries are teaching. That is sweet.Thanks dad I love you. Thanks for the example and I know you are doing great in the bishopric 

Love Your Son

Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 84

Dear mom, 
It was a good Sunday. We had two confirmations which was nice and a good Sunday meeting. We were able to do some contacting and we visited a less active member who I think was drunk so that wasn't very good. We have a man is our compound names Shaegoo. He is really rich and likes to drink and all of that stuff. I have been talking to him and we're pretty good friends. Missionaries have lived in his compound for like 7 years and he has never been to church so hopefully I'll be able to get him to go. We went on exchanges and that was cool. McCarthy was a sweet area and I went with Elder Forrest. He knows the Cowley's so that was cool. Elder Bednar is coming to the mission and I am so excited and it is combined with the other mission so I will get to see Elder Nelson and all those guys. I can't wait. We met a less active man and were able to give him a blessing because he is sick. It's always nice being able to give blessings. I always remember how dad gave blessings and  try to always be guided by the Spirit in what I say. Sorry the net is down so I don't have much time. Love you mom have a great week. 


The mission is good. It's really hot here now but that's ok. The zone is still big but its good we went on exchanges so that was fun. My companion is doing well. Transfers are in like two weeks on the 4 I think. Thanks dad it was a good week had a baptism so that was great. We get to meet Elder Bednar and I am really excited for that. Thanks dad for the example. I love you. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 83

Thanks mom your letters are always so inspirational. I just wrote President a long letter so I am all written out ha. I love the temple and hope I can make it a goal to visit often. We have been working with a less active family I sent you the picture and one of the daughters was able to come to church so that was nice. We also had a family come to church so that was great. Oh I gave a talk in sacrament. I thought it went ok. It was about home teaching and I made them laugh a few times ha. That is something that I am more used to being in front of the ward but it still is a little nervous when you are the planned speaker. Testimony meeting is the best because you just let the spirit direct your thoughts. I am reading the Book of Mormon and the conference talks which have been great. I am enjoying it a lot. I can't think of much else that happened. We had a few nice FMs this week. We went to McCarthy on exchanges and I was able to do an interview for them  so that was great. I heard that a man that me and Elder Scanlan contacted is doing well and comes to church every week and is a strong member so that was good to here. He is someone I will never forget. Henry Vanderpool is his name and he has to be at least 400 pounds. He is a sweet man and he always seemed good which was nice. Well mom I love you and I am grateful for the example you are in truly living the gospel everyday and finding ways to improve, I love that about you love you mom have a great week.

Dear dad, 

That is sweet Burkina foso is just above Ghana I believe it is kind of a Islam dominated country. That is great about the temple I think they will both really enjoy it and it will help them understand more about the church. I just found out Elder Bednar is coming to the mission and we will be able to meet him so that should be great. I am excited and happy to be where I am and hope I can help the Lords work to progress. Thanks for writing every week dad it means a lot and also the Dear Elders thanks so much I love you dad. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 82

In Ghana for NYE, there's just a lot of drinking fireworks and burning tires ha so pretty standard. We had some sparkling juice which had corks so we were able to pop those open which were fun. No I didn't stay up that is too late for me. We found this less active family that lives in a place called Manhean. It is so far away and we have this sweet member that stays there. His name is Emmanuel and he has very humble circumstances. He I still trying to get an education and his English isn't the best but he is so ready to do missionary work. I asked him to go and visit a less active family and he was so happy and he even wanted a message to share with them. So we met this family and the father is very sick. He has an ulcer and he can't even walk any more. it was so sad but I still had some of those pictures of Christ so I told him to pick one and he picked the one of Christ raising Jarius' daughter from the dead. It was so sweet but it was definitely another slap in the face moments that I have had here just realizing how blessed I am and how I need to help everyone to know about Christ and His redemptive power. As for goals I haven't really thought of too many but I have been writing down things for home so. Well we have a nice family home evening planned so it should be great. love you mom


The weeks do fly by pretty fast. Sometimes days feel like weeks and then weeks feel like days. Good to hear the Aggies are doing well. We had MLC which was great and we talked about a lot of great things. I love President Hill he is so great. well dad I love you