Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 83

Thanks mom your letters are always so inspirational. I just wrote President a long letter so I am all written out ha. I love the temple and hope I can make it a goal to visit often. We have been working with a less active family I sent you the picture and one of the daughters was able to come to church so that was nice. We also had a family come to church so that was great. Oh I gave a talk in sacrament. I thought it went ok. It was about home teaching and I made them laugh a few times ha. That is something that I am more used to being in front of the ward but it still is a little nervous when you are the planned speaker. Testimony meeting is the best because you just let the spirit direct your thoughts. I am reading the Book of Mormon and the conference talks which have been great. I am enjoying it a lot. I can't think of much else that happened. We had a few nice FMs this week. We went to McCarthy on exchanges and I was able to do an interview for them  so that was great. I heard that a man that me and Elder Scanlan contacted is doing well and comes to church every week and is a strong member so that was good to here. He is someone I will never forget. Henry Vanderpool is his name and he has to be at least 400 pounds. He is a sweet man and he always seemed good which was nice. Well mom I love you and I am grateful for the example you are in truly living the gospel everyday and finding ways to improve, I love that about you love you mom have a great week.

Dear dad, 

That is sweet Burkina foso is just above Ghana I believe it is kind of a Islam dominated country. That is great about the temple I think they will both really enjoy it and it will help them understand more about the church. I just found out Elder Bednar is coming to the mission and we will be able to meet him so that should be great. I am excited and happy to be where I am and hope I can help the Lords work to progress. Thanks for writing every week dad it means a lot and also the Dear Elders thanks so much I love you dad. 

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