Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 94

My companion and I came at the same time so we were at the MTC together. No we have one more transfer so I could still get another companion. 
We met one of the sweetest guys this week. I had an impression to talk to him as we walked past but I kept on walking, but thankfully we only got a few steps away and he came up to us. We were able to sit down with him and he was asking why we have so many churches and how we can know which one is right. We were able to teach him about the Book of Mormon and at the end of the lesson he had a question about the Godhead. I knew he already had his own beliefs and he just wanted to know if we also had similar beliefs so we told him how they are 3 separate beings and you could tell he was so happy that we have that doctrine and he said how so many churches don't believe that, it was so great. We will watch conference in like a month I think well mom I love you 


Thanks dad we had a good week. We met some sweet people and I love our ward a lot. love you dad 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 93

Sorry things have been busy. We had a good week. My new companion is Elder Lwanga he is 28 years old, I don't even know how that is possible ha just kidding but he is great. He is pretty chill so that is good. We have been working with some good people. One named junior. He is a blind Muslim man; at first he seemed really interested but I'm not so sure now. Another women was preparing for baptism but her sister just died and it has been really hard for her. So I don't know when she will be baptized. We have this other man named Daniel, he is a young guy and is pretty hilarious. He has some good fellowshippers so that is good. The ward is doing good. I had to give a talk with no notice yesterday, it was kind of bad. I was way scatterbrained and there was no power so it was so hope so everyone was dying ha. Well oh well. Also a few weeks ago I lost my tag. It was really sad just realizing all that has happened in that tag. But I lost it in a huge rain storm trying to get dirty gutter water out of some ones shop so at least it was a good story. Things are going good. Thanks mom love you have a great week 

Elder Thornhill

Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 92

Sorry like no time today. We had a good baptism on Saturday. My companion is getting transferred so I am getting a new companion on Wednesday; Elder Lwanga from Uganda. Everything is going great sorry no time today. We played volleyball today got sunburned. Well thanks have a great week love you 

Elder Thornhilll

Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 91

I am sure she is very excited. She already basically knows spanish. She and dad will be able to speak together. Thanks mom it's an exciting time in the family for sure. She will do great there and I am excited for her.  
This week was good we had an open venue in our area. Like a street meeting. Had some posters up just contacting people as they passed by. It was great, President was there and we met some pretty cool people. Thursday we had MLC so that was great. A lot of my friends are going home like next week so that is kind of sad. 
We had a baptism planned but they man had work so we had to cancel it. It was kind of stressful; no water and some other problems but it's ok he came early to church yesterday so that was good. Things are going great here. love you have a good week. 
Love Elder Thornhill

Wow that is good weather for Logan at this time. That is sweet about Carly, you can speak spanish with her now. It's going well still trying to work with members and really spend our timely wisely. Teaching and finding new people. We had a good MLC and President kind of talked about what he has planned for the future and things we need to do to prepare for things that will happen a few months from now. Thanks dad, I love you, thanks for your example. 

Your Son

Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 90

My eye is doing great. It wasn't really in eye infection but just an infection above my eye. It is doing great. We played volleyball a lot today it was a lot of fun. We had a zone activity today which was fun. We had a good week. We had some great people come to church and a less active lady also come which was great. she has been less active for a long time so it was good to see her at church.  
Sound like the youth conference went great. Everyone is getting old. Sorry I forgot to bring my camera, but don't worry mom my eye is perfectly fine. We had a open venue in Northridge which was interesting. It wasn't the best location so it was kind of hard but we were just visiting the district to help them. We were able to talk to some cool people. We had a good week and fast and testimony meeting was great on Sunday. I am excited about the people that we are working with. Things are going good started march madness reading the Book of Mormon in a month not really to hard but still great. Love you family have a great week. 
Going Gangbusters in Ghana 
Elder Thornhill

new address update 
Elder Thornhill
Ghana Accra West Mission 
PMB  CT  209  
Accra Ghana 
West Africa

Dear Dad, 

That's funny that sisters are in the ward. I am sure they will do a great job. do they still cover both Our ward and Grandview? Thanks dad things are going good. We are having fun and teaching some great people. Something about serving just makes me so happy and also just random gospel conversations with people. There was this young lady just sitting outside in our compound. I went out to throw something away and just asked her how Sunday was. She said she learned about the communion and things. My companion was busy doing numbers so I just got another elder and we were just able to teach a informal lesson one it was great. Good times. Love you dad have a great week.