Monday, December 31, 2012

Week 29

Dear Mom,
Yes I saw Elder Bradley and he is doing great. They split Teshie so now there are 8 missionaries instead of 6. Elder Larsen is now a zone leader which is pretty sweet. It was great to see everyone. Yes I got my camera back. No I got a charger so don't worry. Oh and I got the other package this week. Just a note when you send anything like shampoo shaving cream stuff like that just tape the lid down so it doesn't spill. The shaving cream spilled just a little bit.  

Just a lot of crappy fireworks. I am glad I no longer have to worry about stake dances. Alright that is pretty much it for this week. Nothing too exciting. 
love Elder Thornhill

Dear Father, 
Oh yes I almost forgot. That was yesterday. Happy birthday to Kasey then. You should have heard how long some elders talked to their families like 4 or 5 hours. I could not do that. I can't even do that when I'm home ha. Cool I can't wait to get it. 
Thanks dad for writing. I hope you have a great week. I love you.
Elder Thornhill

Monday, December 24, 2012

Week 28

The letters this week were very short because Mitchell calls us tomorrow! 

Ok I will probably call your phone and I'm not sure when I will call. There is still a chance I could Skype but I'm not sure. Yes I am still with Elder Thom. Its going good. Yes we have a ton of people we are working with. no I have not opened the packages.  
1. (Why don't you do anything on p day? Does you companion not like to do stuff?) Ah elder Thom doesn't really like to have fun and he doesn't like to do stuff so we don't do much on p day. But we wash clean email  home stuff like that.  

2. (Do you make your own fufu?  How do you make it?) No it takes way to long and is to hard but I know how to make it. you boil cassava and plantain till it is soft and then you pound them together to make like a ball sort of thing it's hard to describe. 
3.(Have you been sick at all?) Negative.
4. (Do you still sleep in a mosquito net?)  yes and it is pink. I don't want to get malaria 
5. (Will they put more missionaries in your area?) I don't know I guess we will see.  
I guess that is it for today love you 
Elder Thornhill

 Dear Father, 
That is so cool what Carly has done. It is so great. 
Yep that is correct. Elder Thom is going to work hard until the day he leaves. He really does not want to go home. He is always saying that he would switch me places if he could. so don't worry about that Elder Thom will work so hard these last 6 weeks. 
Thanks father 
Elder Thornhill

Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 27

Dear Mother, 
It will probably be best around 2 or 3 my time so like 8 or 9 your time. I'm, not sure how far ahead we are.  

1. (Why did you get a new bike?) Because my old one didn't have pedals and the back rim was bent.  

2. (Did you have transfers? Did some of your old companions get transferred?) Transfers are on Wednesday so I will find out tomorrow if I am going anywhere.  
3. (Did you get to go to the temple?) No. We went to the temple site but we didn't get to go do a session. I don't know when we will be going next. I think in January.  
4. (Who are you working with?)  Agnes, Stella, Elizabeth, Kwame, Charles, Veronica, Douglass, Ephramin, Sylvia. That is everyone we are focusing on this week. Stella came to church this week. I had never met her but she just came to church by herself. Those are the best. We are meeting her tomorrow. Veronica is also one of my favorites. We didn't see her last week but she came to church with her son Richmond. He is the coolest little kid. I love him. She needs to be baptized but we still have some concerns to work out there. A lot of our investigators have a hard time coming to church. That is one thing we are struggling with right now. We got 4 this week but we can have a lot more. 
5. (Did you have the baptism?) No we did not have a baptism. We are having one on the 29th. We have been working hard but it has been hard getting people to church and getting them to commit to baptism. But I am hoping we will have 3 baptized on the 29th. 
6. (How many new missionaries did you get in the last transfer?)  I'm not sure about last transfer but I know this transfer coming up on Wednesday there are like 10 elders coming and only one leaving so it going to be quite the transfer sheet. New areas are going to be opened. 
7. (Is it still hot there?) Yes and it will be hot till the day I leave here haha. But no its not to bad its hot but I have a sweet fan. That is the worst time to be hot is when you are trying to sleep. When the power goes out it's so hard to sleep without a fan. 
8. (How is your companionship?) Good. It is going good. I am learning to be patient and see the good in my companion. I am striving to be more Christ like and it has been going pretty well. 
10. (Do you ever do anything fun on p- day?) No not really. It's just the two of us so not really. We go to the cafe but that's about it. We went to the market and that is always an adventure. 
Things are going well. Don't worry about me I am doing fine. I love you mom
 Elder Thornhill 
Dear Father, 
My week was good. Yes I did talk to a bunch of strangers but that is pretty much the norm in Ghana. We stand out a lot here and they always speak to us in twi and when you respond they act as if they have never heard a white guy speak twi before ha. Wash our clothes clean buy food and go to  the cafe to email you guys. Elder Thom isn't one to have a bunch of fun so we haven't really done anything cool here. But it's cool. We haven't really done it yet and the ward mission leader teaches the investigators class. Just fun around trying to talk to investigators and members and try and have our coordination meeting. Sundays are kind of crazy sometimes.  

I actually did hear about the shooting. We went to a church members house yesterday and they have Ipads so someone was looking up the news and I saw that. Pretty crazy. I wouldn't have known if I didn't go to their house. We got fufu which was amazing. My first fufu FM. I usually have to buy it at a chop bar but not yesterday. and we also got fanice which is ice cream. It was great.  

"Francisco that's fun to say." That movie is so hilarious. I love it. "Then I walked through the forest of swirly twirly gumdrops then I walked through the Lincoln tunnel. My finger has a heartbeat. That s a nice dress its very purply. Debra you're so pretty you should be on a Christmas card." Those are all the lines I could think of ha. 
I hope things are going well for you and I love you. 

Elder Thornhill 
With Elder Thom

Elder Thornhill with Elder Bradshaw

Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 26

Dear Mother, 
Yes I did some exercise this week. Elder Thom is doing good. Oh yes the ward Christmas party, I am sure it was a great event. I think we are having a ward party on the 31st of December. I think it will be a Christmas/ new year's party. I have the best watch tan line the other elders make fun of me. Thank you for doing that mother. That's great. Preach My Gospel is so important. I wish I would have studied it more before coming on my mission.  

1. (Have you been hit this week?) No I was not hit this week but I did get a new bike. And it is pretty sweet. Now I can keep up with elder Thom haha. 

2. (How big is your area?) It's not that big. We can get around pretty fast by bike. But this week I realized how close to the mission home we are. Its only like 4 miles. For an activity the youth in our ward are walking from the chapel where we meet to the temple site which is right by the mission home.  
3. (How many missionaries are in your district?) There are 6 of us. The zone leaders, my companion an me and one other companionship. There is an elder in our district named Elder Beaufeaux. He is from Heber Arizona so we talked about that.   
4. (Who are our zone leaders?) My zone leaders are Elder Onyo and Elder Angelos. Yes it is the Elder Angelos you told me about. That is cool he's John's cousin's son. I'll have to tell him, He goes home this month.  
5.( Who are your district leaders?)  My companion Elder Thom is the district leader.  
6. (Do we need to send something for your camera so we can see some pics of you?) Well about that. I may have lent my camera to Elder Bradley last transfer so I have his super crappy camera and no cord to plug into the computer so that is why I haven't been sending pictures. Sorry I just knew that Elder Bradley would use the camera a lot more than me.  
But I do need that USB cable thing to be able to charge my music player. And I got the Christmas package this week. Sorry but I couldn't hold off on the Conference edition of the Ensign. I read most of it yesterday and today.  

Thanks mom for everything. This week has been great and we have our Christmas Conference on Thursday. I can't wait to see everyone and it should be a great time. I am also going to try and see Brother Ewduzie. A man from our ward said he had a message for me. This week I have been studying from the Doctrine and Covenants and I love it, It is such a powerful volume of scripture. The church is so true and I love being here in Ghana. I love and miss you mother. Elder Thornhill  

Dear Father,
Yes I did have a good week with Elder Thom. He is a great man. I remember the Christmas party we had that one year where the cultural hall was turned into an ancient city and everyone had to wear costumes. ha good times. 
Thanks dad. I don't know if I will get that good but maybe I can have someone write it out for me and then I can say it. It would be cool though. I hope everything is going well dad. I love you. 
Elder Thornhill

Monday, December 3, 2012

Week 25

Dear Mother, 
I am doing good mother.Thank you mom. It makes me feel good that you are thinking about me and that you care for me so much.That part always comforts me and helps me when I am having a hard time expressing myself or teaching. I think that will help a lot and I will try and do that more consistently. Thank you for all the advice and love mom. It really made me feel good. We have some good people lined up for this month and I am hoping that we will have a big baptism this month. 

1. (Who are you teaching?) we are teaching a lot of people. Some of the good ones are Wise, Foster, Edward, Kwame. Wise came to church on Sunday all by himself. We didn't even know who he was. He has an uncle who is a member and he said he wanted to be baptized so I extended a baptismal date for the 29th and he accepted. Foster is also a man who we contacted one night. He kind of came up to us and we were able to teach him on Friday. He has a lot of questions but he is a good man. Edward is an older man who is very interesting. My companion loves him but I think he is a little crazy but I guess that doesn't really matter. He came to church and he really liked it. Kwame is a small boy who has been to church many times. We also taught him yesterday and he wants to be baptized. Hopefully all these people will be baptized this month but I guess we will see. 

2. (Did you hit your head when you got hit by the car?) No mother nothing happened at all really. I was just a little shook up. 
3. (Transfers are when?) December 19th 
4.( How was the zone conference?)  It was amazing. President Judd is a spiritually powerhouse. It was such a great day. Oh and that reminds me. Thank you dad for the letter and also THE BUTTERFIELDS for the package. Thank you for the candy and the pictures. It was much needed. I was beginning to forget what starbursts taste like ha. 
5. (Have you seen Brother James?) No I have not. I probably won't see him for awhile because we don't go to the temple very often. 
6. (How is your ward?) Its pretty good. Its small but the members are very good. The second counselor in the bishopric reminds me of Patrick Brown a little bit. 
7. (How is Christmas celebrated in Ghana?) I have no idea. It hasn't really changed much around here. Alright thanks mom. 

Oh that was very nice of Amy. She is pretty great. I think you should definitely do that. But I don't really know what you should get her but I support the idea.  

Thank you again mom for everything. Soon we will be talking on the phone. That seems crazy. Everything is going well here so don't worry about your little boy. I shared this in sacrament yesterday in testimony meeting but if there is one thing I know that is that the Book of Mormon is true and that is the word of  God written for our day. The church is true. I hope you have a great week mother. 

Ok that is it mom. Thank you again for everything. You are the best I hope you have a great week. Love you 
Elder Thornhill

Dear Dad, 
I know how to say friend in Twi but I can't really spell it. Twi is a sweet language by the way and I love when I say something and the people get all excited. There are some other hymns that I like these days as well. There are also some hymns that are going to be forever in my mind as Ghanaian hymns because we sing them so much. But they are great. I love the hymns.   

Thanks dad. You are the best. I hope everything is going well with work and with your calling. The joke was pretty good this week. Eye Co. That means like good going or well done in Twi.  

Elder Thornhill

Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 24

Dear Family,
First off a letter shout out to Dad, Tanisha, and Shan. Thanks for the letters guys. I realized most of my letters are just responding to the letter you guys send so if this is short I'm sorry. This week was another great week. We had a baptism on Saturday. It went well and it was a great experience. At church we had 4 investigators at church which an improvement from last week so I was happy about that. I had a good personal study this week. I have been in the habit of comparing myself to other missionaries and it has not been good to do so. But I was studying from PMG this week and it helped me to know not to compare myself to other missionaries. On page 10 it says don't compare yourself to other missionaries. I know that as long as I am trying my best to fulfill my purpose as a missionary that is all that matters.  
Also this week Elder Thom and I had the privilege of blessing the sacrament. We sung my favorite hymn # 193. It was the most spiritual experience I've had while breaking the bread. I felt the spirit so strongly 
 Its great to hear from you again. WE got to the cafe kind of later today and I was a little annoyed which I shouldn't have been but I'm glad because I got to get the letter from you guys. Oh Kyle I miss that guy. I hope he is doing well. 
1. (What are you doing on p-day?) We wash clean go the market which is pretty crazy. Then we go to the cafe and relax small and then go out at 6. Today we are going to a FHE. It should be fun. 
2. (Will you stay in the area after your companion goes home?) I don't know. He still has one more transfer after this one so I don't know what is going to happen.  
3. (Can you send some pictures?) Well that is kind of hard because I think I left my USB cable in Teshie. So I don't know. I will try and look and maybe next week I can send some.  
4. (Are you really getting fat ? Ha) Kind of I guess. I am eating less here in Mataheko so I'm not as fat as I use to be. Last time I checked I was like 160.
5. (Have you been hit by any cars this week?) No collisions with cars this week. I almost hit a dog though. 
6. (What will you do for Christmas?) We have Christmas conference on the 13th of December and then for Christmas day I will call home and then there is a dinner at a members house for the whole mission. so that should be fun.  
7. (Do you have zone conferences?) Yes we have one tomorrow. 

Dad that is so sweet. (Yesterday, we had a fireside from Bro. Ewudzie, the fourth person to be baptized in Ghana. He said he knew Mitchell from the temple.) That name does look familiar and that is so cool he came to our ward. That is great. He had some sweet purple pants on too. Oh yes I'm sure the English was hard to understand but I'm sure he was awesome.  Good to hear the Aggies are doing well. Carly is going to love it.  

I'm so glad you got to hear from brother Ewduzie. I'm sure it was a great experience. I love the Ghanaian people so much. The church is so true . Sorry it's so short this week but I have to go. Hope everyone has a great week and I love you all.
Love Elder Thornhill 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 23

Dear Mom, 
First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know you thought I was going to forget but nope I didn't. I hope your day is great and eat a lot of ice cream for me. Good to hear about the guys. Still the guys I see. Man that is a long time for Daniel to be gone. Send my greetings to both of them. Jeff ah I miss that guy. Thanks for the package. I will try my hardest to wait. Thanks so much for the package.  
1. (How are you getting along with your companion?) We are getting a long good. It's weird just having the two of us in the apartment but its good. Elder Thom is a good missionary and he is such a hard worker.  

2. (Are you on bikes?) Yes we are on bikes. Sometimes we walk though. Funny story. A few days ago we were riding our bikes and this guy pulled out in front of me with his car. He hit me just barely and I had to jump off my bike. Don't worry it wasn't bad at all. But that's not the good part. He tried to blame it on me and then he drove off. But we saw him again just yesterday and talked to him. He asked if I was ok and then we gave him a pamphlet and our number and he said he would call us. It's going to be funny if he actually calls us and we start teaching him. 
3. (Do you go to the mission home much?) No not really. Just for transfers. We have the Christmas conference on Dec 13 so we will be going to the mission home then.  
4. (Do you go on splits and with who?) No I have never been on splits. 
5. (Are you getting a lot of new missionaries?)  I know that next transfer only one elder is leaving but there are 9 elders that are coming. So we are getting new missionaries and I think they are going to have to open and reopen new areas. 
6. (Any baptisms?) We have one on Saturday. Her name is Nadege.  
7. (The best thing you learned this week?) The best thing I learned this week is don't be afraid to talk to anyone., Elder Thom will literally talk to anyone and that is a great quality to have. I also learned of the power of the book of Mormon. During a lesson a gave quite a powerful promise about the book of Mormon and I hope I don't regret it. I hope we get to see the lady this week. Also I learned that I like to read. Who would of thought? ha just kidding but really I read the Book "our search for happiness" by Elder Ballard. It is such a great book. I would recommend it to everyone to read. It gives such a great basic overview about the church and has strengthened my testimony.  
8. (Are you close to the temple?) Yes it's like a 20 minute tro tro ride. The temple and mission home are very close, like walking distance. 
9. (What are you eating?) Well that is a good question mother. Let me see here. Rice, chicken, banku, fufu, oats, bread, pasta, Hot chocolate, FanIce and other things. I am eating well. For once in my life I'm fat. Ok well I'm not that fat but I am a little bigger.  
Thanks mom for writing me each week. It really means a lot. I hope you have a great holiday. I actually saw a turkey this week. Like a live one. This guy were teaching, where he lives there are 2 turkeys. It made me think of thanksgiving. Logan will be sweet and send Kyle my love if you get to see him. Thanks again for everything. 
Love Elder Thornhill

Monday, November 12, 2012

Week 22

Dear Family, 
First off who put the sound of music song on my mp3 player? ha I was listening to it today and that song came on. It was pretty funny. Good to see that Marshall is doing well. Send my regards to him.  
1. (Was it hard packing all your stuff up trying to get it back in your suitcases?) It wasn't too bad. Both bags were pretty full but everything fit in with little effort. Also all that sunscreen and bug spray is taking up a lot of room in my suitcase. I have so much of it. I haven't really used the sunscreen but I had to use the aloe haha.

2. (How do transfers work? Does everyone go to the mission home?) Yes everyone just goes to the mission home and picks up there new companion. If you live in the bush far from the mission home the senior couples drive you in and then take you back.  
3. (Where is your new companion from?) My new companion is Elder Thom from Australia. He is a convert to the church and is 25.  
4. (What do you like best about him?) Elder Thom is such a hard worker and is very obedient. He is so focused on the work. He is a great example to me. We definitely are very different and he has an interesting personality but he really is such a great guy.  
5. (Is your new apartment better or worse than the last one?) The new apartment is better than the last one. It's less dusty and its a lot bigger. There are usually suppose to be 4 missionaries in our apartment but there is only 2 because an area got closed. So it's just me and Elder Thom in our apartment. Our area is called Mataheko and we are very close to the mission home. Closer than Teshie was. We are probably only like 20 minutes from the mission home.  
6. (Does it come with a bike? ha) Yes it comes with a bike. Our area is very big and there use to be 4 elders for our area but now there are just two. Mataheko is more city than Teshie was. It is a lot nicer and there are a lot of nice buildings and there are big roads here too. And the cafe we are at right now is so nice. It even has air conditioning. I am definitely going to enjoy that. 
7. (Do you have investigators you are working with?) Yes we have some investigators we are working with. One named Nadege. She is a French speaking woman and lives with a member of our ward. We have to teach here through the member but it is going well and she will hopefully be baptized this month. 
8. (Has your companion been out longer than you?) Yes Elder Thom goes home in January. He is going home soon but he is still working so hard. He is definitely setting a good example for me in how to finish your mission strong.  
9. (Was the ward different than your last ward?) Yes the ward is a little different. I feel that it is a little bit smaller and not as strong as my last ward. I know we have some work to do but I know that we can do it and if we rely on the Holy Ghost I know good things are going to happen here. 
10. (Do you meet in a actual church building?) Yes we meet at a stake center. It is so big compared to the last building I met in. It is so big. There is like a big grass field and a huge parking lot. It's a very nice building.  
I had some good experiences this week. I was reading in Alma 8 and it was just such a great chapter and what I needed right then. It's a great missionary chapter and you should all read it. Also Elder Thom and I blessed the sacrament. The bishop told us to so we did. It had been a long time so it felt good to bless the sacrament.  
Dad- I know mom did a great job on here talk. She always does. Mom's pretty sweet. Elder Thom really is a great guy. I know that I will come to love him as much as I did elder Bradley. oh and I got to go to the airport on Wednesday with the office elders. We went on splits with them for a few hours and we had to drop of an Elder who was going home. It was weird being at the airport. I got there and just broke down and started crying. Ha just kidding. But I weighed myself and I am still fat. I think I've gained 15 pounds or something. I did some pushups today and now my arms are sore.  
Well family I think that is it for now. It is weird being in a new area. But I know I can grow and learn a lot from my companion and this area. I know that good things are ahead for Matatheko and I truly love this gospel. Everyday I am reminded of how true it really is. It makes so much sense. The Book of Mormon is so true and I know that I need to be nourished by it every day. Hope everyone has a good week! 

Love Elder Thornhill

Monday, November 5, 2012

Week 21

Dear Family, 
Wow that is pretty crazy about Russia. Those people sound pretty misinformed and hopefully it will just blow over and the missionaries can continue to spread the gospel. Yes for the 10 of this month. I am sad though because transfers are on Wednesday and I know that I am being transferred. Elder Bradley found out on Tuesday that he was training so we have known since then that I am being transferred. It has been kind of a sad week and It will be sad to leave Teshie and my amazing companion Elder Bradley. But I know where ever I go it is where the Lord needs me and where I can best fulfill my purpose as a missionary.  
Yes that is kind of a bummer but I know I need to follow the rules set forth by my mission president. Oh sweet I hope he liked it. I will try and get one to Marshall but it will be kind of hard. Tell Skyler hi for me and tell me good job at wearing the bowtie at church. Tell him I hope he enjoys it. 
I promise I won't open the package until Christmas.    

Thanks girls for writing remember to always read your scriptures and to pray. One thing that I have noticed is the importance of praying in the morning. So I would invite all of you my dear sisters to pray in the morning and at night. I know you will feel the Lord more in your life and everything will go better for you. 
Dad I am glad Skyler wore the bow tie, I hope he likes it. mission life is good, full of change to come later in this week and I will have a new area and a new companion to tell you about next week. Very true dad I know that I will be blessed for following this rule and all the rules. I actually had the opportunity to give some instruction during district council meeting about obedience. It went really well and I felt the spirit very strongly. It made me realize that as I am more obedient my power as a missionary increases. So it's really not a huge deal. I know that the blessings that come from obedience are essential for missionary work and that in order to fulfill my purpose as a missionary I must be obedient. So it's really ok and writing letter is pretty cool. Even people here have been asking us about the election and Mitt Romney and everything. Thanks dad I hope everything is going well will work and in the bishopric. I know you are doing great. thanks for the example. love you dad

Mom you are slacking this week. No questions? But I do have a few things I need. A journal. Like a nice missionary one to write all my deepest feelings in. so if you could send that is would be nice. And also deodorant just like the degree stuff. You can't find it out here so that would be great too. Thanks mom and remember to send them in the flat rate mailing envelopes.  

Well family I think that is it for this week. I will have a lot to say next letter and this will be an eventful week for sure. So thank you and I hope everyone has a great week, I love and miss you all 
Love Elder Thornhill 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Week 20

Dear Family, 
Ghana is sweet. The weekly letter from President Judd was very inspiring. He said that we will be getting 50 more missionaries and he counseled us to become more obedient. One thing that he said and committed us to do is to commit to him to only email him and our families. So from now on if people want to write me tell them to send a letter. But I know I need to do this and follow the counsel of President Judd. He is a man of God and I need to follow what he says. So I guess I'll just be emailing you guys, Erica, and Grandma. 
But man that is really crazy with Erica. If that happened to me they would probably send me home. But I'm glad she is doing ok and I know the Lord is watching over her. I'm sure it was weird to talk to her but I will definitely be praying for her. I'm sure you gave a great talk dad and I'm sure the new calling is pushing you. I glad you did well and I'm sorry I missed it. Thank you dad. I'll try and stay out of the hospital. 

Nicki it's great to hear from you. I am sure you are somewhat relieved to have the football season over with. I hope competition goes well and I'm sure you will be practicing a lot. I am doing great here in Ghana and things are going fantastic. Have a great week. 

That is so true mom it really is. There is no reason to be nervous because the Lord is watching over her and protecting her. That is still a pretty crazy experience and I hope I never get that sick especially here in Ghana. I guess a root canal would be pretty big news ha.  It's great to hear that Dad is doing so well in his new calling. Oh Halloween I will be missing that holiday especially all the candy but there is this little shop by our house that is painted orange and black and has spider webs so I think we are going to go there on Wednesday. We are teaching the owner of the shop. I'm glad to hear that Abbey did well in cross country and I hope she continues with it because I know she has so much potential.   

1 (What size of slippers do you wear?) Size 11-12. That is how the sizes work for the slippers. It will just say 11-12 and that is the size I want. 

2. (Are you sure there is nothing else you need?) Yes I really don't need anything else. I am just fine here. Just remember mom to send them in the $16.95 flat rate envelopes. Those will be the cheapest for you and I don't have to pay to get them.  
3.(How much money do you spend on groceries?)  Probably like 110 cedis which is like 60 dollars every 4 weeks so things here are pretty cheap. 
4. (What do you buy to eat?) Oats bread noodles, fried rice, fufu and just other random things. My diet isn't too varied out here but it's ok.  
5. (What do most members feed you when you come for dinner?) It just depends really. That is actually something me and my companion are working on is getting more FM's. But it can be rice, fufu, banku really anything. Sometimes fish but it just depends. 
7.( What did you learn in your studies this week?) I have been studying in Alma and it has been really good. I actually have a great experience this week with one of our investigators. Her name in Matilda and she has been coming to church for a very long time but she has not committed to be baptized. We have been seeing her a lot trying to resolve the concerns she has. So on Thursday we went to her house and asked her to pray about baptism and if it is something that she really needed to do. So we saw her on Sunday during church and we asked her if she had prayed. She said that she had and that she didn't know if she got an answer but she said that she had a dream. So she explained her dream that she was on a bridge that was very unstable and she really needed to cross it but that she couldn't. so she said that she walked back and then that 2 men helped her across the bridge. She also said that the 2 men were eating fruit on the other side of the bridge and that she wanted so bad to eat the fruit as well. So as you can imagine after explaining this to us me and my companion were both very excited. So we helped to explain the dream and she committed to being baptized. It was such a great experience and it strengthened my testimony on how God hears and answers our prayers. That is this first time on my mission that someone had gotten and answer so profound like that. It was such a great experience and I am just grateful that I was able to be a part of it.   

Thank you mom and I'm glad you say that about following all the mission rules. So like I said before President Judd had asked us to only email him and our family so there will be some people that I no longer email anymore but I know I need to be obedient and follow the counsel of my mission president. So if anyone wants to write me tell them to send a letter.   

Carly it sounds like you had a great week. You are always busy with something and you're giving the Thornhill's a good name. I'm glad the bonfire went well. It is getting hotter here but it's not too bad. Thanks for the advice and keep up the good work. Love you 

Well family I think that is it for this week. I love my mission president and I love Ghana. I know that by being obedient to all the rules that I will be blessed. I hope everyone has a great week and I love and miss you all 

Love Elder Thornhill

Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 19

Dear Family, 
Sadly we didn't get to go to the temple. We just had zone interviews with president Judd. He is so amazing and I'm pretty sure he is going to be an apostle. Really all the ladies are going on missions it's pretty crazy. I'm glad Abbey did well at cross country. I really hope she sticks with it. She has a lot of natural ability and she could go far with it if she works hard. She could pay for college I know it if she works hard so I hope she does it. I still regret not taking running more seriously and I hope she doesn't make the same mistake as me. haha good joke dad and I'm glad my Aggies are doing well 

Carly I'm sure your narrative was great and tell Unrein hi for me. Good job running everyday and honestly Carly I think you might be a little too good for USU. I'm not saying USU is a bad school but you are smart really smart. But if you want to go to USU that's great just keep your eyes open. 

Abbey great job at cross country. You did well I heard. I know practice may be early and hard but it will pay off. You are a great runner and I think you should stick with it. I regret not running more seriously in high school so I want you to carry on the Thornhill name and be a sweet runner. Love you two and have a great week. 

Kasey how are you? Still hipster as ever? You probably look great without braces and be sure to show off that smile. Great job at swim. First place that's pretty good in my book. You are a great swimmer Kasey. Halloween is a silly holiday and no one here celebrates it so I don't have to worry. I know before we know it I'll be talking to all of you guys. Have a great week Kasey. I love you

Nicki I know cheer is your life but now you can look forward to basketball. Well I love you and have a good week 

Mom we were coming back from Accra where the mission home is for interviews. Its only like a 20 min tro tro ride so it's not too far but I was really tired. Transfers are Nov 7. We are getting a new assistant so that is exciting and if I get transferred I could really go anywhere. 
1. (Who are you teaching right now?) We are teaching a lot of people. We have to people to be baptized this Saturday. Joshua and Bariksuu. Joshua is 18 and is sweet. I love that guy. And Barkisuu is kind of crazy but really nice. She is a Muslim and they are super hard to baptize but she has a testimony so that is so great. 

2.( How is the weather?  It looked cloudy.) Yes it rained for like 4 hours that day but it has been hot basically every day. It's not too bad though. 
3. (How are your clothes holding up?) The clothes are doing good. My shirts are a little less white but that is understandable. But really they are doing great. 
4. (for Christmas I want to send you something to sleep in what do you want?) Honestly mom and don't really need anything to sleep in. But I would like another pair of those moccasins that I like. There called Dearfoams. If you could send a pair of those that would be great. And remember the flat rate mailing envelopes. They are super nice and easy for you and for me so send things in the flat rate mailing envelopes.   
5.( Were you eating at a members house?)  No we just went to a chop bar. Just a little place where you can get food. 
6.  (What were you eating?  Cake balls and fufu?) Yes it was elder Larsen's birthday last Sunday so we made some cake balls. And then on Wednesday we went and got some fufu. It really is the best stuff ever.  

Thanks mom for the questions. Everything really is going great here in Teshie. Our apartment is sweet and I love my companion. This church is so true. Sometimes I just have a thought or something and I just realize how true this church is. It's so great. I love you all and I hope everyone has a great week. 
Elder Thornhill    

Elder Thornhill with his companion

The fufu

Cake balls for Elder Larsen!

The Temple

With Elder Bradley

The sleepy Elders

Monday, October 15, 2012

Week 18

Dear Family, 
Oh boko now oo sway. That means cool and how are you. Elder Bradley its pretty good at twi so he has been teaching me small (a little) so that is good. The other two elders are so great. We all get along great and the apartment is super fun. That's weird that there is a Sam's Club in rocky point. I'm sure it was really nice. Yes Teshie is kind of like that but I love it here so much. I don't want to leave this area but I'm pretty sure I'm leaving next transfer. Wow that's crazy about the triple crown that has been a long time since it happened last. How are the playoffs going? how about the NBA? That guy is huge and I'm sure he's a great player and he will only get better. Thanks dad. I hope you have a great week. Love you

Carly that's funny about the swat guys and I'm sure you were scared. I can't wait to read your narrative and I know it's going to be great. Thanks Carly and I just told my companion you're available so watch out haha just kidding. Have a great week 

Kasey I'm sure you had such a great time in Mexico. You are going to look great with your braces off you are going to have some straight teeth. Kasey it great to hear from you. I hope swimming is going well and have a great week . 

Nicki man I thought you had died or something. Ha just kidding. Fall break must of been nice but I'm sure you missed Mexico but cheer just takes over your life doesn't it. How is cheer going anyway? How is partner stunting? I hope all is going well in school as well. Thanks for writing Nicki I love you. 

Hello Mom! That's a lot of events to attend you sound as busy as ever I hope your managing ok. Yes grandma told me about little Knox. That is a pretty sweet name. Tell Ben good work. That boy is going to be pretty cool I know it. Yes mom I got my package thank you so much. Everything was great especially the drink packets and the colored pencils thank you so much.  

Also my hair clippers broke I don't know how but I can't use them anymore so I just thought I would let you know. It's not a big deal hair cuts are only like 2 cedis. 

1. (Did you watch conference?) No we did not watch conference I think we watch it next month. 
3. (Would you like an Ensign with the conference talks?) Yes I would love an ensign with all the conference talks in them thank you. 
4. (Are you teaching anyone right now?) yes we are teaching many people. My favorite is Luke. HE is amazing and the only thing stopping him from being baptized is the permission of his guardians. He's only 15 but has such a strong testimony. We saw him at church yesterday. He lied to his dad so he could come and he just thanked my companion and me for teaching him and taking the time to sit down and talk with him. it was so great. 
5. (Do you see anything that we could send to help the members?  Clothing (white shirts)  Anything?) Umm I can't really think of too much. The members are pretty well taken care of but if I think of anything I'll tell you. 

6. (What did you do for p-day today?) its 1 o clock right now but we washed this morning and then played some cards because elder Larsen just got some in a package. I'm getting my hair cut later today. 

As for the Christmas package anything is great. Candy especially. Starbursts and skittles. That is one thing I miss but that's about it. Maybe some of those drink packet things. 

Thanks everyone for writing it really means a lot. This week was another great week and I'm actually 4 months old on mission today. It's pretty crazy how time flies. It was a great week and I can't wait for another one. I love and miss you all. Have a great week! 

Love Elder Thornhill 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Week 17

Dear Family, 
Man I opened my email today and Skyler told me about the announcement. (The age for missionaries has been changed. Boys can go when they are 18 instead of 19 and girls can go at 19 instead of 21.) So crazy! We didn't get to watch conference and so I hadn't heard the change in age. All 4 of us "oh brunis" (white guys) were going crazy in the cafe and man I can't believe how crazy that is. The missionary army is going to be so much bigger. It will be weird to get 18 yr old missionaries out here as well. I hope they are well prepared to serve missions and the work really is moving forward. Because of this President Judd was saying how we will be able to open new areas and further the work here in Ghana. It really is so great. So nope we didn't watch conference and we won't watch it until next month. That kind of stinks but we will get the Liahona soon and I am going to devour the whole thing haha. Ah Elder Bradley is so great and we get along so well. It is a companionship made in heaven. I love him so much. Honestly the new age is just freaking me out. I don't know what to think. I'm glad though that I went to a year of school and I don't think I would of been ready for a mission right out of high school. That would be crazy if Carly went next year around this time. I'm glad you were able to watch conference and I'm actually really jealous. We did make French toast on Sunday and that was delicious. 

Carly honestly I didn't really know you had such a strong desire to serve a mission. But you will be able to leave very soon. Well Carly sorry it's kind of a scatterbrained email but I really can't concentrate very well right now but have a great week and I'll talk to you next week.  

Abbey everything is going very good. I hope Mexico is treating you well. You are a great runner abbey and I know running in the off season will help you out a lot. You have a lot of talent and I am glad you are using it. Have a great week and I miss you 

Kasey it sounds like you had a tiring day swimming. That is really far and I don't think that I could ever do that. Kasey I hope you are having a great time in Mexico and I know that you always enjoyed it. Thanks for the advice Kasey and have a great week 

Mom I was super bummed that we couldn't watch conference. that would be pretty intense to have 3 kids on mission. I really think that there are going to be so many more sisters that serve and the missionary force is going to be huge. The work is going forth and no one can stop it. It really is a great feeling to be a part of that.  

1.( When do you watch conference since you are 7 hours ahead of us on time?) We will watch it in about a month. It kind of stinks but it's ok.  
2. (Do you watch the priesthood session and when?) No I don't think we will be able to watch the priesthood session.
3. (How are the 4 white missionaries doing?) We are all doing very well. The apartment is pretty legit and we all get along so well.  
4. (How is your new companion?) So great I think I talked about it already but we get along so well. I love him our companionship is great. 
5. (Are you really getting chunky?  Do your pants still fit?) I am getting a little bit bigger but my pants still fit. I just have a little belly now. 
6. (What are eating? to make you gain weight?) Bread oats rice and fufu thats the big one. fufu makes you fat.  
Thanks mom for the questions I love them. I hope everything is going well. And have a wonderful time in Mexico and I'll talk to you next week! 

love Elder Thornhill


Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 16

Dear Family, 
Carly I know Teshie is pretty sweet. 4 "oh bruni's" (white guys) in one apartment. I'm not trying to brag or anything but we might have the best apartment in the whole mission. Yes Elder Bradley my new companion. He is so sweet and we are working very hard. Great job on making it to state that is very good I'm happy for you. hah I know it seems weird that it is October it still feels like it is still the summer. Well I hope you have a great week and thanks for writing.  

Dad yes I have a new companion Elder Bradley from Midway. He is so good and we work so well together. This is going to be a great transfer and I am expecting great things from my companion and I. It is a little bit different but Its great and I love our apartment so much. We are going to enjoy in Teshie. Yes the short one is my companion. He is so great though. I already love him. I am glad Abbey is doing well in running and I know she has the potential to be very good. Thanks dad for all the advice. It's going to be weird when I go home and I won't see any black people. I think I am going to miss that. Well thanks dad and have a great week . 

Mom- It's good to hear everyone is doing well. Mom I am going to miss the cinnamon rolls for conference. I haven't had cinnamon at all since I've been here and cinnamon rolls sound so good ha. Well enjoy a lot for me.  
1. (Tell us about your new companion.) Elder Bradley. Short. From Midway. He is a great wrestler won state twice (that's for you dad) He is only one transfer ahead of me so we are both very fresh. We work very well together and I am looking forward to this transfer so much. 
2. (Do you get any news from the USA?) No not really at all. I guess that's a good thing but I'm sure we will hear about the Presidential election.  
3.( IS the lady you baptized the one you have been talking about?)  No that is the other elders baptism but we just went for support. Hopefully we will have 2 baptisms on the 13th of October.  
4. (Are you working with anyone right now?  IF so who?) Yes we are working with a few people but we are trying to find more people to teach. We are trying to form good relationships with the members so we can get good referrals. We are trying to kind of rejuvenate the area and I know we are going to work very hard. Ok Matilda she has been to church for months so we are just working out some concerns. Luke is 15 and is great. We just have to teach him a little more and hopefully he will be baptized. 
5. (How do transfers work? Do all the missionaries meet at the mission home?) Yes all the missionaries go to the area office and then to the mission home. They are very close. So on Wednesday I just went to the area office and picked up elder Bradley and took him back to Teshie.  
Thanks mom you are amazing and I love you so much. Well thanks for everything and I hope everyone has a great week. I love and miss you all!

Love Elder Thornhill 

The pink mosquito net 

At the beach

The ice cream that only lasted a day!

His companion and other missionaries.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 15

Dear Mom, 
Yeah those are shirts and pants we had made. It's actually pretty popular here so I had to get one. I'm glad to hear the 4 guys are all doing well and I hope Marshall comes over to the house more. He's a great guy and I miss him. Yes we actually did participate in the service project. We cleaned up the police station. It was a little while ago but it was really fun.  
1. (How are you getting the pictures to us?) Elder Bradshaw's camera has like a wifi hotspot thing so we can just send them from his  camera at the chapel.
2. (Have you seen any of the twelve apostle dresses? The ones that sister clegg talked about.) Yes I have seen one and it was pretty hilarious. It had President Hinckley all over it. It was pretty sweet.  
3. (Do you think you will be transferred?) I don't think I will be transferred but I pretty certain I will be getting a new companion. I'll let you know next week. I'm sure I'll have a lot of good news. 
4. (How many areas in your mission?) I'm really not sure. We have  8 zones I think maybe like 60 areas but I'm really not too sure.  
5. (How many missionaries?) 140 missionaries  
6. (Are you wearing sunscreen?)  No but I have been ok so don't worry. 
7. (Do you need bug spray?) Bug spray I don't need any. Honestly I never see too many mosquitoes but no I don't need any. We have so much in our apartment. 
8. (Have you received any letters ?) Yes I have gotten a few from Hunter, The Davis family and a few others.   

Thanks for the questions mom. I hope you are doing well and I love and miss you. Have a great week 

Happy Birthday Carly! I know it's a little late but I was thinking about you on Friday. And you can buy your own spray paint too,  don't forget about that. It sounds like you had a great birthday and everyone treated you well. I'm sure they party was fun.That song just made my week. Skyler is a master at stuff like that. So funny. Those lines are pretty hilarious.Thanks Carly for writing every week have a great week. Love you 

Kasey it's great to hear from my little hipster. I am definitely going to miss Mexico and its coming up very soon. You are going to have a great time I know it. I'm really glad you like swim and you really are a great little swimmer. You could be really good if you practice and work hard but I'm glad you are enjoying it. Love you  

Nicki I'm sure your life is cheer school and that's it.I hope you have a great week and I love you. 

Abbey is great to hear from you. It sound like cross country is going well and 24 minutes is a great time for a 5k. keep up the good work. You are a great runner. I didn't know you were the class president. I'm sure you are liking it. Yes high school is a lot better than middle school and I'm very happy you are enjoying it so much. Have a great week! I love you 

Dad my week was pretty good. It's been hard because my companion doesn't want to work very hard but I've been getting through it and I have learned a lot for sure. I'm very excited to get a new companion and I'm pretty sure that I am staying in Teshie for another transfer. No rules really for the beach just don't get it and swim is all. Oh yes soda pong is the best way better than the real thing. Sealings are great and Mom is pretty amazing. I love you both. You are both great parents and I'm grateful for the great examples you are to me. I kind of already talked about my companion but he is really a nice guy and we get along great but he is just not a hard worker and it's hard because he is your trainer but I am so excited to get a new companion and be able to use  all the things I've learned from Elder Gunda. I'm glad Marshall came over. I hope he is doing well and I miss that guy.  

Well I think that is it for this week family. I will have exciting transfer news next week and most likely a new companion so that should be good. The church is true and focus on gaining a firm testimony of the Book of Mormon. I read this book this week. A Witness and A Warning by Ezra Taft Benson. It was a great book and it made me realize how important the Book of Mormon is. I am trying to obtain a rock solid testimony of it and I know that doing so will help me when I face the adversary. Well have a great week everyone. I love you all! 

Elder Thornhill