Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 26

Dear Mother, 
Yes I did some exercise this week. Elder Thom is doing good. Oh yes the ward Christmas party, I am sure it was a great event. I think we are having a ward party on the 31st of December. I think it will be a Christmas/ new year's party. I have the best watch tan line the other elders make fun of me. Thank you for doing that mother. That's great. Preach My Gospel is so important. I wish I would have studied it more before coming on my mission.  

1. (Have you been hit this week?) No I was not hit this week but I did get a new bike. And it is pretty sweet. Now I can keep up with elder Thom haha. 

2. (How big is your area?) It's not that big. We can get around pretty fast by bike. But this week I realized how close to the mission home we are. Its only like 4 miles. For an activity the youth in our ward are walking from the chapel where we meet to the temple site which is right by the mission home.  
3. (How many missionaries are in your district?) There are 6 of us. The zone leaders, my companion an me and one other companionship. There is an elder in our district named Elder Beaufeaux. He is from Heber Arizona so we talked about that.   
4. (Who are our zone leaders?) My zone leaders are Elder Onyo and Elder Angelos. Yes it is the Elder Angelos you told me about. That is cool he's John's cousin's son. I'll have to tell him, He goes home this month.  
5.( Who are your district leaders?)  My companion Elder Thom is the district leader.  
6. (Do we need to send something for your camera so we can see some pics of you?) Well about that. I may have lent my camera to Elder Bradley last transfer so I have his super crappy camera and no cord to plug into the computer so that is why I haven't been sending pictures. Sorry I just knew that Elder Bradley would use the camera a lot more than me.  
But I do need that USB cable thing to be able to charge my music player. And I got the Christmas package this week. Sorry but I couldn't hold off on the Conference edition of the Ensign. I read most of it yesterday and today.  

Thanks mom for everything. This week has been great and we have our Christmas Conference on Thursday. I can't wait to see everyone and it should be a great time. I am also going to try and see Brother Ewduzie. A man from our ward said he had a message for me. This week I have been studying from the Doctrine and Covenants and I love it, It is such a powerful volume of scripture. The church is so true and I love being here in Ghana. I love and miss you mother. Elder Thornhill  

Dear Father,
Yes I did have a good week with Elder Thom. He is a great man. I remember the Christmas party we had that one year where the cultural hall was turned into an ancient city and everyone had to wear costumes. ha good times. 
Thanks dad. I don't know if I will get that good but maybe I can have someone write it out for me and then I can say it. It would be cool though. I hope everything is going well dad. I love you. 
Elder Thornhill

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