Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 27

Dear Mother, 
It will probably be best around 2 or 3 my time so like 8 or 9 your time. I'm, not sure how far ahead we are.  

1. (Why did you get a new bike?) Because my old one didn't have pedals and the back rim was bent.  

2. (Did you have transfers? Did some of your old companions get transferred?) Transfers are on Wednesday so I will find out tomorrow if I am going anywhere.  
3. (Did you get to go to the temple?) No. We went to the temple site but we didn't get to go do a session. I don't know when we will be going next. I think in January.  
4. (Who are you working with?)  Agnes, Stella, Elizabeth, Kwame, Charles, Veronica, Douglass, Ephramin, Sylvia. That is everyone we are focusing on this week. Stella came to church this week. I had never met her but she just came to church by herself. Those are the best. We are meeting her tomorrow. Veronica is also one of my favorites. We didn't see her last week but she came to church with her son Richmond. He is the coolest little kid. I love him. She needs to be baptized but we still have some concerns to work out there. A lot of our investigators have a hard time coming to church. That is one thing we are struggling with right now. We got 4 this week but we can have a lot more. 
5. (Did you have the baptism?) No we did not have a baptism. We are having one on the 29th. We have been working hard but it has been hard getting people to church and getting them to commit to baptism. But I am hoping we will have 3 baptized on the 29th. 
6. (How many new missionaries did you get in the last transfer?)  I'm not sure about last transfer but I know this transfer coming up on Wednesday there are like 10 elders coming and only one leaving so it going to be quite the transfer sheet. New areas are going to be opened. 
7. (Is it still hot there?) Yes and it will be hot till the day I leave here haha. But no its not to bad its hot but I have a sweet fan. That is the worst time to be hot is when you are trying to sleep. When the power goes out it's so hard to sleep without a fan. 
8. (How is your companionship?) Good. It is going good. I am learning to be patient and see the good in my companion. I am striving to be more Christ like and it has been going pretty well. 
10. (Do you ever do anything fun on p- day?) No not really. It's just the two of us so not really. We go to the cafe but that's about it. We went to the market and that is always an adventure. 
Things are going well. Don't worry about me I am doing fine. I love you mom
 Elder Thornhill 
Dear Father, 
My week was good. Yes I did talk to a bunch of strangers but that is pretty much the norm in Ghana. We stand out a lot here and they always speak to us in twi and when you respond they act as if they have never heard a white guy speak twi before ha. Wash our clothes clean buy food and go to  the cafe to email you guys. Elder Thom isn't one to have a bunch of fun so we haven't really done anything cool here. But it's cool. We haven't really done it yet and the ward mission leader teaches the investigators class. Just fun around trying to talk to investigators and members and try and have our coordination meeting. Sundays are kind of crazy sometimes.  

I actually did hear about the shooting. We went to a church members house yesterday and they have Ipads so someone was looking up the news and I saw that. Pretty crazy. I wouldn't have known if I didn't go to their house. We got fufu which was amazing. My first fufu FM. I usually have to buy it at a chop bar but not yesterday. and we also got fanice which is ice cream. It was great.  

"Francisco that's fun to say." That movie is so hilarious. I love it. "Then I walked through the forest of swirly twirly gumdrops then I walked through the Lincoln tunnel. My finger has a heartbeat. That s a nice dress its very purply. Debra you're so pretty you should be on a Christmas card." Those are all the lines I could think of ha. 
I hope things are going well for you and I love you. 

Elder Thornhill 
With Elder Thom

Elder Thornhill with Elder Bradshaw

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