Monday, December 3, 2012

Week 25

Dear Mother, 
I am doing good mother.Thank you mom. It makes me feel good that you are thinking about me and that you care for me so much.That part always comforts me and helps me when I am having a hard time expressing myself or teaching. I think that will help a lot and I will try and do that more consistently. Thank you for all the advice and love mom. It really made me feel good. We have some good people lined up for this month and I am hoping that we will have a big baptism this month. 

1. (Who are you teaching?) we are teaching a lot of people. Some of the good ones are Wise, Foster, Edward, Kwame. Wise came to church on Sunday all by himself. We didn't even know who he was. He has an uncle who is a member and he said he wanted to be baptized so I extended a baptismal date for the 29th and he accepted. Foster is also a man who we contacted one night. He kind of came up to us and we were able to teach him on Friday. He has a lot of questions but he is a good man. Edward is an older man who is very interesting. My companion loves him but I think he is a little crazy but I guess that doesn't really matter. He came to church and he really liked it. Kwame is a small boy who has been to church many times. We also taught him yesterday and he wants to be baptized. Hopefully all these people will be baptized this month but I guess we will see. 

2. (Did you hit your head when you got hit by the car?) No mother nothing happened at all really. I was just a little shook up. 
3. (Transfers are when?) December 19th 
4.( How was the zone conference?)  It was amazing. President Judd is a spiritually powerhouse. It was such a great day. Oh and that reminds me. Thank you dad for the letter and also THE BUTTERFIELDS for the package. Thank you for the candy and the pictures. It was much needed. I was beginning to forget what starbursts taste like ha. 
5. (Have you seen Brother James?) No I have not. I probably won't see him for awhile because we don't go to the temple very often. 
6. (How is your ward?) Its pretty good. Its small but the members are very good. The second counselor in the bishopric reminds me of Patrick Brown a little bit. 
7. (How is Christmas celebrated in Ghana?) I have no idea. It hasn't really changed much around here. Alright thanks mom. 

Oh that was very nice of Amy. She is pretty great. I think you should definitely do that. But I don't really know what you should get her but I support the idea.  

Thank you again mom for everything. Soon we will be talking on the phone. That seems crazy. Everything is going well here so don't worry about your little boy. I shared this in sacrament yesterday in testimony meeting but if there is one thing I know that is that the Book of Mormon is true and that is the word of  God written for our day. The church is true. I hope you have a great week mother. 

Ok that is it mom. Thank you again for everything. You are the best I hope you have a great week. Love you 
Elder Thornhill

Dear Dad, 
I know how to say friend in Twi but I can't really spell it. Twi is a sweet language by the way and I love when I say something and the people get all excited. There are some other hymns that I like these days as well. There are also some hymns that are going to be forever in my mind as Ghanaian hymns because we sing them so much. But they are great. I love the hymns.   

Thanks dad. You are the best. I hope everything is going well with work and with your calling. The joke was pretty good this week. Eye Co. That means like good going or well done in Twi.  

Elder Thornhill

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