Monday, December 24, 2012

Week 28

The letters this week were very short because Mitchell calls us tomorrow! 

Ok I will probably call your phone and I'm not sure when I will call. There is still a chance I could Skype but I'm not sure. Yes I am still with Elder Thom. Its going good. Yes we have a ton of people we are working with. no I have not opened the packages.  
1. (Why don't you do anything on p day? Does you companion not like to do stuff?) Ah elder Thom doesn't really like to have fun and he doesn't like to do stuff so we don't do much on p day. But we wash clean email  home stuff like that.  

2. (Do you make your own fufu?  How do you make it?) No it takes way to long and is to hard but I know how to make it. you boil cassava and plantain till it is soft and then you pound them together to make like a ball sort of thing it's hard to describe. 
3.(Have you been sick at all?) Negative.
4. (Do you still sleep in a mosquito net?)  yes and it is pink. I don't want to get malaria 
5. (Will they put more missionaries in your area?) I don't know I guess we will see.  
I guess that is it for today love you 
Elder Thornhill

 Dear Father, 
That is so cool what Carly has done. It is so great. 
Yep that is correct. Elder Thom is going to work hard until the day he leaves. He really does not want to go home. He is always saying that he would switch me places if he could. so don't worry about that Elder Thom will work so hard these last 6 weeks. 
Thanks father 
Elder Thornhill

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