Monday, October 15, 2012

Week 18

Dear Family, 
Oh boko now oo sway. That means cool and how are you. Elder Bradley its pretty good at twi so he has been teaching me small (a little) so that is good. The other two elders are so great. We all get along great and the apartment is super fun. That's weird that there is a Sam's Club in rocky point. I'm sure it was really nice. Yes Teshie is kind of like that but I love it here so much. I don't want to leave this area but I'm pretty sure I'm leaving next transfer. Wow that's crazy about the triple crown that has been a long time since it happened last. How are the playoffs going? how about the NBA? That guy is huge and I'm sure he's a great player and he will only get better. Thanks dad. I hope you have a great week. Love you

Carly that's funny about the swat guys and I'm sure you were scared. I can't wait to read your narrative and I know it's going to be great. Thanks Carly and I just told my companion you're available so watch out haha just kidding. Have a great week 

Kasey I'm sure you had such a great time in Mexico. You are going to look great with your braces off you are going to have some straight teeth. Kasey it great to hear from you. I hope swimming is going well and have a great week . 

Nicki man I thought you had died or something. Ha just kidding. Fall break must of been nice but I'm sure you missed Mexico but cheer just takes over your life doesn't it. How is cheer going anyway? How is partner stunting? I hope all is going well in school as well. Thanks for writing Nicki I love you. 

Hello Mom! That's a lot of events to attend you sound as busy as ever I hope your managing ok. Yes grandma told me about little Knox. That is a pretty sweet name. Tell Ben good work. That boy is going to be pretty cool I know it. Yes mom I got my package thank you so much. Everything was great especially the drink packets and the colored pencils thank you so much.  

Also my hair clippers broke I don't know how but I can't use them anymore so I just thought I would let you know. It's not a big deal hair cuts are only like 2 cedis. 

1. (Did you watch conference?) No we did not watch conference I think we watch it next month. 
3. (Would you like an Ensign with the conference talks?) Yes I would love an ensign with all the conference talks in them thank you. 
4. (Are you teaching anyone right now?) yes we are teaching many people. My favorite is Luke. HE is amazing and the only thing stopping him from being baptized is the permission of his guardians. He's only 15 but has such a strong testimony. We saw him at church yesterday. He lied to his dad so he could come and he just thanked my companion and me for teaching him and taking the time to sit down and talk with him. it was so great. 
5. (Do you see anything that we could send to help the members?  Clothing (white shirts)  Anything?) Umm I can't really think of too much. The members are pretty well taken care of but if I think of anything I'll tell you. 

6. (What did you do for p-day today?) its 1 o clock right now but we washed this morning and then played some cards because elder Larsen just got some in a package. I'm getting my hair cut later today. 

As for the Christmas package anything is great. Candy especially. Starbursts and skittles. That is one thing I miss but that's about it. Maybe some of those drink packet things. 

Thanks everyone for writing it really means a lot. This week was another great week and I'm actually 4 months old on mission today. It's pretty crazy how time flies. It was a great week and I can't wait for another one. I love and miss you all. Have a great week! 

Love Elder Thornhill 

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