Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 19

Dear Family, 
Sadly we didn't get to go to the temple. We just had zone interviews with president Judd. He is so amazing and I'm pretty sure he is going to be an apostle. Really all the ladies are going on missions it's pretty crazy. I'm glad Abbey did well at cross country. I really hope she sticks with it. She has a lot of natural ability and she could go far with it if she works hard. She could pay for college I know it if she works hard so I hope she does it. I still regret not taking running more seriously and I hope she doesn't make the same mistake as me. haha good joke dad and I'm glad my Aggies are doing well 

Carly I'm sure your narrative was great and tell Unrein hi for me. Good job running everyday and honestly Carly I think you might be a little too good for USU. I'm not saying USU is a bad school but you are smart really smart. But if you want to go to USU that's great just keep your eyes open. 

Abbey great job at cross country. You did well I heard. I know practice may be early and hard but it will pay off. You are a great runner and I think you should stick with it. I regret not running more seriously in high school so I want you to carry on the Thornhill name and be a sweet runner. Love you two and have a great week. 

Kasey how are you? Still hipster as ever? You probably look great without braces and be sure to show off that smile. Great job at swim. First place that's pretty good in my book. You are a great swimmer Kasey. Halloween is a silly holiday and no one here celebrates it so I don't have to worry. I know before we know it I'll be talking to all of you guys. Have a great week Kasey. I love you

Nicki I know cheer is your life but now you can look forward to basketball. Well I love you and have a good week 

Mom we were coming back from Accra where the mission home is for interviews. Its only like a 20 min tro tro ride so it's not too far but I was really tired. Transfers are Nov 7. We are getting a new assistant so that is exciting and if I get transferred I could really go anywhere. 
1. (Who are you teaching right now?) We are teaching a lot of people. We have to people to be baptized this Saturday. Joshua and Bariksuu. Joshua is 18 and is sweet. I love that guy. And Barkisuu is kind of crazy but really nice. She is a Muslim and they are super hard to baptize but she has a testimony so that is so great. 

2.( How is the weather?  It looked cloudy.) Yes it rained for like 4 hours that day but it has been hot basically every day. It's not too bad though. 
3. (How are your clothes holding up?) The clothes are doing good. My shirts are a little less white but that is understandable. But really they are doing great. 
4. (for Christmas I want to send you something to sleep in what do you want?) Honestly mom and don't really need anything to sleep in. But I would like another pair of those moccasins that I like. There called Dearfoams. If you could send a pair of those that would be great. And remember the flat rate mailing envelopes. They are super nice and easy for you and for me so send things in the flat rate mailing envelopes.   
5.( Were you eating at a members house?)  No we just went to a chop bar. Just a little place where you can get food. 
6.  (What were you eating?  Cake balls and fufu?) Yes it was elder Larsen's birthday last Sunday so we made some cake balls. And then on Wednesday we went and got some fufu. It really is the best stuff ever.  

Thanks mom for the questions. Everything really is going great here in Teshie. Our apartment is sweet and I love my companion. This church is so true. Sometimes I just have a thought or something and I just realize how true this church is. It's so great. I love you all and I hope everyone has a great week. 
Elder Thornhill    

Elder Thornhill with his companion

The fufu

Cake balls for Elder Larsen!

The Temple

With Elder Bradley

The sleepy Elders

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