Monday, October 29, 2012

Week 20

Dear Family, 
Ghana is sweet. The weekly letter from President Judd was very inspiring. He said that we will be getting 50 more missionaries and he counseled us to become more obedient. One thing that he said and committed us to do is to commit to him to only email him and our families. So from now on if people want to write me tell them to send a letter. But I know I need to do this and follow the counsel of President Judd. He is a man of God and I need to follow what he says. So I guess I'll just be emailing you guys, Erica, and Grandma. 
But man that is really crazy with Erica. If that happened to me they would probably send me home. But I'm glad she is doing ok and I know the Lord is watching over her. I'm sure it was weird to talk to her but I will definitely be praying for her. I'm sure you gave a great talk dad and I'm sure the new calling is pushing you. I glad you did well and I'm sorry I missed it. Thank you dad. I'll try and stay out of the hospital. 

Nicki it's great to hear from you. I am sure you are somewhat relieved to have the football season over with. I hope competition goes well and I'm sure you will be practicing a lot. I am doing great here in Ghana and things are going fantastic. Have a great week. 

That is so true mom it really is. There is no reason to be nervous because the Lord is watching over her and protecting her. That is still a pretty crazy experience and I hope I never get that sick especially here in Ghana. I guess a root canal would be pretty big news ha.  It's great to hear that Dad is doing so well in his new calling. Oh Halloween I will be missing that holiday especially all the candy but there is this little shop by our house that is painted orange and black and has spider webs so I think we are going to go there on Wednesday. We are teaching the owner of the shop. I'm glad to hear that Abbey did well in cross country and I hope she continues with it because I know she has so much potential.   

1 (What size of slippers do you wear?) Size 11-12. That is how the sizes work for the slippers. It will just say 11-12 and that is the size I want. 

2. (Are you sure there is nothing else you need?) Yes I really don't need anything else. I am just fine here. Just remember mom to send them in the $16.95 flat rate envelopes. Those will be the cheapest for you and I don't have to pay to get them.  
3.(How much money do you spend on groceries?)  Probably like 110 cedis which is like 60 dollars every 4 weeks so things here are pretty cheap. 
4. (What do you buy to eat?) Oats bread noodles, fried rice, fufu and just other random things. My diet isn't too varied out here but it's ok.  
5. (What do most members feed you when you come for dinner?) It just depends really. That is actually something me and my companion are working on is getting more FM's. But it can be rice, fufu, banku really anything. Sometimes fish but it just depends. 
7.( What did you learn in your studies this week?) I have been studying in Alma and it has been really good. I actually have a great experience this week with one of our investigators. Her name in Matilda and she has been coming to church for a very long time but she has not committed to be baptized. We have been seeing her a lot trying to resolve the concerns she has. So on Thursday we went to her house and asked her to pray about baptism and if it is something that she really needed to do. So we saw her on Sunday during church and we asked her if she had prayed. She said that she had and that she didn't know if she got an answer but she said that she had a dream. So she explained her dream that she was on a bridge that was very unstable and she really needed to cross it but that she couldn't. so she said that she walked back and then that 2 men helped her across the bridge. She also said that the 2 men were eating fruit on the other side of the bridge and that she wanted so bad to eat the fruit as well. So as you can imagine after explaining this to us me and my companion were both very excited. So we helped to explain the dream and she committed to being baptized. It was such a great experience and it strengthened my testimony on how God hears and answers our prayers. That is this first time on my mission that someone had gotten and answer so profound like that. It was such a great experience and I am just grateful that I was able to be a part of it.   

Thank you mom and I'm glad you say that about following all the mission rules. So like I said before President Judd had asked us to only email him and our family so there will be some people that I no longer email anymore but I know I need to be obedient and follow the counsel of my mission president. So if anyone wants to write me tell them to send a letter.   

Carly it sounds like you had a great week. You are always busy with something and you're giving the Thornhill's a good name. I'm glad the bonfire went well. It is getting hotter here but it's not too bad. Thanks for the advice and keep up the good work. Love you 

Well family I think that is it for this week. I love my mission president and I love Ghana. I know that by being obedient to all the rules that I will be blessed. I hope everyone has a great week and I love and miss you all 

Love Elder Thornhill

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