Monday, November 5, 2012

Week 21

Dear Family, 
Wow that is pretty crazy about Russia. Those people sound pretty misinformed and hopefully it will just blow over and the missionaries can continue to spread the gospel. Yes for the 10 of this month. I am sad though because transfers are on Wednesday and I know that I am being transferred. Elder Bradley found out on Tuesday that he was training so we have known since then that I am being transferred. It has been kind of a sad week and It will be sad to leave Teshie and my amazing companion Elder Bradley. But I know where ever I go it is where the Lord needs me and where I can best fulfill my purpose as a missionary.  
Yes that is kind of a bummer but I know I need to follow the rules set forth by my mission president. Oh sweet I hope he liked it. I will try and get one to Marshall but it will be kind of hard. Tell Skyler hi for me and tell me good job at wearing the bowtie at church. Tell him I hope he enjoys it. 
I promise I won't open the package until Christmas.    

Thanks girls for writing remember to always read your scriptures and to pray. One thing that I have noticed is the importance of praying in the morning. So I would invite all of you my dear sisters to pray in the morning and at night. I know you will feel the Lord more in your life and everything will go better for you. 
Dad I am glad Skyler wore the bow tie, I hope he likes it. mission life is good, full of change to come later in this week and I will have a new area and a new companion to tell you about next week. Very true dad I know that I will be blessed for following this rule and all the rules. I actually had the opportunity to give some instruction during district council meeting about obedience. It went really well and I felt the spirit very strongly. It made me realize that as I am more obedient my power as a missionary increases. So it's really not a huge deal. I know that the blessings that come from obedience are essential for missionary work and that in order to fulfill my purpose as a missionary I must be obedient. So it's really ok and writing letter is pretty cool. Even people here have been asking us about the election and Mitt Romney and everything. Thanks dad I hope everything is going well will work and in the bishopric. I know you are doing great. thanks for the example. love you dad

Mom you are slacking this week. No questions? But I do have a few things I need. A journal. Like a nice missionary one to write all my deepest feelings in. so if you could send that is would be nice. And also deodorant just like the degree stuff. You can't find it out here so that would be great too. Thanks mom and remember to send them in the flat rate mailing envelopes.  

Well family I think that is it for this week. I will have a lot to say next letter and this will be an eventful week for sure. So thank you and I hope everyone has a great week, I love and miss you all 
Love Elder Thornhill 

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