Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 15

Dear Mom, 
Yeah those are shirts and pants we had made. It's actually pretty popular here so I had to get one. I'm glad to hear the 4 guys are all doing well and I hope Marshall comes over to the house more. He's a great guy and I miss him. Yes we actually did participate in the service project. We cleaned up the police station. It was a little while ago but it was really fun.  
1. (How are you getting the pictures to us?) Elder Bradshaw's camera has like a wifi hotspot thing so we can just send them from his  camera at the chapel.
2. (Have you seen any of the twelve apostle dresses? The ones that sister clegg talked about.) Yes I have seen one and it was pretty hilarious. It had President Hinckley all over it. It was pretty sweet.  
3. (Do you think you will be transferred?) I don't think I will be transferred but I pretty certain I will be getting a new companion. I'll let you know next week. I'm sure I'll have a lot of good news. 
4. (How many areas in your mission?) I'm really not sure. We have  8 zones I think maybe like 60 areas but I'm really not too sure.  
5. (How many missionaries?) 140 missionaries  
6. (Are you wearing sunscreen?)  No but I have been ok so don't worry. 
7. (Do you need bug spray?) Bug spray I don't need any. Honestly I never see too many mosquitoes but no I don't need any. We have so much in our apartment. 
8. (Have you received any letters ?) Yes I have gotten a few from Hunter, The Davis family and a few others.   

Thanks for the questions mom. I hope you are doing well and I love and miss you. Have a great week 

Happy Birthday Carly! I know it's a little late but I was thinking about you on Friday. And you can buy your own spray paint too,  don't forget about that. It sounds like you had a great birthday and everyone treated you well. I'm sure they party was fun.That song just made my week. Skyler is a master at stuff like that. So funny. Those lines are pretty hilarious.Thanks Carly for writing every week have a great week. Love you 

Kasey it's great to hear from my little hipster. I am definitely going to miss Mexico and its coming up very soon. You are going to have a great time I know it. I'm really glad you like swim and you really are a great little swimmer. You could be really good if you practice and work hard but I'm glad you are enjoying it. Love you  

Nicki I'm sure your life is cheer school and that's it.I hope you have a great week and I love you. 

Abbey is great to hear from you. It sound like cross country is going well and 24 minutes is a great time for a 5k. keep up the good work. You are a great runner. I didn't know you were the class president. I'm sure you are liking it. Yes high school is a lot better than middle school and I'm very happy you are enjoying it so much. Have a great week! I love you 

Dad my week was pretty good. It's been hard because my companion doesn't want to work very hard but I've been getting through it and I have learned a lot for sure. I'm very excited to get a new companion and I'm pretty sure that I am staying in Teshie for another transfer. No rules really for the beach just don't get it and swim is all. Oh yes soda pong is the best way better than the real thing. Sealings are great and Mom is pretty amazing. I love you both. You are both great parents and I'm grateful for the great examples you are to me. I kind of already talked about my companion but he is really a nice guy and we get along great but he is just not a hard worker and it's hard because he is your trainer but I am so excited to get a new companion and be able to use  all the things I've learned from Elder Gunda. I'm glad Marshall came over. I hope he is doing well and I miss that guy.  

Well I think that is it for this week family. I will have exciting transfer news next week and most likely a new companion so that should be good. The church is true and focus on gaining a firm testimony of the Book of Mormon. I read this book this week. A Witness and A Warning by Ezra Taft Benson. It was a great book and it made me realize how important the Book of Mormon is. I am trying to obtain a rock solid testimony of it and I know that doing so will help me when I face the adversary. Well have a great week everyone. I love you all! 

Elder Thornhill

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