Monday, September 3, 2012

Week 12

Dear Family, 
Carly it's good to hear from you and you always give me great updates on everything so keep up the good work. Thanks Carly you're great and have a great week and be safe. 

Hello mom. Oh first off I used my hair clippers for the first time and they worked pretty well. Elder Bradshaw gave me a nice haircut but definitely not what I'm use to ha.  
1. (Where do you get a computer?) Basically anywhere there are internet cafe's all over the place. There is one by our apartment but right now we are at one by the chapel. But really anywhere you go there are cafe's that you can use. 
2. (Do you see your mission president a lot?) Umm not really but he writes us a letter every week. The only time we see him is during zone conferences. But President Judd is pretty much amazing. He is very powerful and I'm sure he will be an apostle some day. He's great and I love him.  
3. (Is your bed comfortable?) Yes my bed is very comfortable and I sleep like a baby. I look forward to my bed each night and it is surprisingly comfortable. I have like a mattress and then like a smaller pad that I sleep on.  
4. (What do you do on your preparation day?) Get up, Wash, study, clean, go shopping for food and then cafe. I get a lot done on p day  and I love it.  
5. (Do you use your Frisbee?) Yes I have used it a little. I think me and Elder Bradshaw are going to try and use it more. He will actually play with me so that's good. 
6. (Where did you get the bike?) They had them already at the apartment. They have them at every apartment and when you get transferred you just get the one that's left at your new apartment.  
Thank you for all the questions and I had a great week. I spent 10 cedi's on ice cream that I thought was going to last me a week but ended up only lasting me a day so that was good hah. Lesson learned never buy 1 big thing of ice cream cause I will just eat it all. Mom I hope you have a great week and I love and miss you. Don't worry about me really I'm just dandy. 
Dad you almost had me going with the Nicki story. I might almost believe it. Mom and everyone loves that dog too much ha. It's comforting to know that everyone cares about me back home and send everyone in the ward my greetings. I'm glad mom did well and she always does a great job at here talks. Maybe someday I'll be like her. Thanks for writing dad it means a lot. Thanks for everything that you do and the great example you are. I love you. 
The mission has been great so far and the traveling was very extensive. The plane ride was very long but I guess it's kind of necessary. My companion is a great man from Zimbabwe and he is very nice. We get along great it's amazing. The spirit here is very strong and Sunday meetings are a great time for me and partaking of the sacrament each week has taken on a greater importance. My testimony is very strong and I know that the more we share our testimonies the more they will grow and be strengthened. The people in Ghana are amazing and I love it here. There is something about serving the Lord that is so great it's hard to describe. I hope everyone back in Alameda ward is doing great. 
There it is. I hope it's ok. Well this week was also the Teshie festival which was actually pretty crazy. There were so many people and everyone was running up and down the road. It was pretty crazy but a great experience. This week has been good and I found one of my new favorite scriptures during my personal study. Jacob 6:12. "O be wise What can I say more?" I really love this scripture and it is so simple. Be wise that's it. I hope that I can use this scripture and remember always to be wise and I think that life will be a lot easier and temptations wont have as much power. Well I think that's it for now. Family have a great week and I can't wait to hear from you next week. I love and miss you all. 
Love Elder Thornhill

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