Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 13

Dear Family, 
Mom I'm sorry you hurt your back but I guess you are getting a little older haha. But I really do hope you start feeling better soon. I'm sure Carly and Nicki like it that you come even though you may feel like one of those crazy parents. I'm glad Abbey did well. She has a lot of potential so I hope she takes advantage of it because I know she could be a great runner. Great Job Abbey.  
1. (Have you seen any strange animals?) No strange animals yet. Just a lot of goats, chickens and sheep running around everywhere. There are big lizards here and we had a huge spider in our apartment last week but really no cool animals yet. 
2. (What is the English like there, can you understand what people are saying?) The English is a lot different and is sometimes hard to understand but I am getting use to it and can understand most everyone.  
3. (Have you picked up any words from different tribes?) Just a few words of twi here and there. It's kind of hard to learn but I'm learning small small (a little).
4. (Can you drink the water?) No but we have a filter in our apartment and we can buy these things that are basically Ziploc bags filled with water. Funny story we ran out of water this week for like 4 days so we had to use those little packs of water for everything. To shower if you can call it that. More like a light sprinkling. To cook and for everything else. It has been kind of hard but I'm very grateful for water now.  
5. (Have you been sick at all from the food?) No I have not gotten sick once from the food. My throat was sore for a few days but that has been the only time I have been sick.  
6. (What is the weather like? Hot ?) The weather is hot but it's really not to bad its getting into the dry season so it will be getting hotter but it's not too bad. 
7.( What do you want in your package we are sending you?) You're sending me a package? Alright I wasn't expecting one but thank you. Maybe some notebooks to write in for my study journals and some scripture markers. Like the colored pencil type ones that work well. And a pencil sharpener if they need it. That's about all I can think off. Thank you so much.  
8. (How are your shoes?) My shoes are very good but I think for Christmas I'm going to buy a nice pair of shoes here that I can wear to church so I can look a little more fashionable and fit in more with the Ghanaians.  
Thanks mom for the questions. Oh I got a new mosquito net this week and its pink. Haha it makes my room a lot brighter and now a have a little princess bed. It's pretty great. The pictures are really really hard to send but I will try to send some.   

Carly it's good to hear from you. And no I don't poop at parties. It seems like you are going to have a crazy week. Badminton seems like it is going well and beat all those Asians for me. I think you will win and you have my vote for homecoming queen. I'm really glad you decided to be an example to your friends Carly that is great. Parties are so stupid and that's one thing I wish I wouldn't have done in high school. I went to parties because I thought that is what the cool kids do and if I don't drink it's not a big deal. But what I know now is that it is a big deal and that we shouldn't put ourselves in those situations. So good job Carly. I'm sure you did good on the ACT and the half should be fun with Tomasi. I didn't know she was a runner. Well Jeff is going to be a great missionary and its seems weird that I am almost done with training and he is just barely going into the MTC.  Garret actually send me a letter a few weeks ago. 
Kasey you are the greatest. I am always telling Elder Bradshaw about your hipster ways. I hope goodwill is treating you well. Yes I remember Mexico. My whole body hurt so bad and I had to wear socks but it made for a great rap didn't it? I'm sure you will enjoy it this year and swim plenty. No cool animals yet but hopefully one day. Have a great week Kasey. 

Dad mission life is good and I definitely laughed a lot this week. Elder Bradshaw and I are pretty good friends now so we are always laughing and smiling. It's pretty great and I'm becoming way more comfortable with the people. Just the other day we were trying to buy some oranges but we didn't have any money. I was just asking the price so we could come back but we just talked to the people there and they gave us like 15 free oranges it was pretty awesome. Thanks for the sport updates. I'm glad the Aggies are doing well this year. Hopefully they can continue to get better. That was a huge win against the U and if they keep playing like they did I'm sure they will make it to a bowl game. Elder Bradshaw actually lived with Chuckie last year in the LLC so he knows him pretty well. Yes he is a great player. I'm sorry about the pictures but it takes forever to send them but I will really try this next week to send them. On Thursday we have a mission tour and Elder Dickson of the seventy will be there. We all have to prepare talks about tithing and he will pick 3 or 4 missionaries to share their talks on Thursday. That kind of scares me but I know if I prepare and I'm guided by the spirit I will be just fine. This week is going to be great and today we might get some lobster to eat. We are going by the ocean with one of our investigators who is a fisherman and hopefully he will hook us up with some stuff. Well that's it for this week. I love and miss you all. 
Love Elder Thornhill   

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