Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 91

I am sure she is very excited. She already basically knows spanish. She and dad will be able to speak together. Thanks mom it's an exciting time in the family for sure. She will do great there and I am excited for her.  
This week was good we had an open venue in our area. Like a street meeting. Had some posters up just contacting people as they passed by. It was great, President was there and we met some pretty cool people. Thursday we had MLC so that was great. A lot of my friends are going home like next week so that is kind of sad. 
We had a baptism planned but they man had work so we had to cancel it. It was kind of stressful; no water and some other problems but it's ok he came early to church yesterday so that was good. Things are going great here. love you have a good week. 
Love Elder Thornhill

Wow that is good weather for Logan at this time. That is sweet about Carly, you can speak spanish with her now. It's going well still trying to work with members and really spend our timely wisely. Teaching and finding new people. We had a good MLC and President kind of talked about what he has planned for the future and things we need to do to prepare for things that will happen a few months from now. Thanks dad, I love you, thanks for your example. 

Your Son

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