Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 86

We were able to meet with Elder Bednar and that was amazing. It is so amazing the strength of their testimonies. He shared some great experiences. I have also been reading the Book of Mormon and my knowledge is increasing and my testimony as well. That is the keystone of my testimony. Well I am being transferred surprise I dint think I was leaving. I am going to New Town it is actually pretty close to Alajo. I am excited but I really didn't think I was leaving. My companion is Elder Davuke from Fiji. He is sweet he was trained by Elder Bradley. No they are just dusty but I shine them every day so they will last me. I don't have much to say I'll have more next week we have MLC on Thursday. Love you

Ghana is treating me fine. We have a high school next to our house so we were able to play some basketball with some of the high school kids. They were actually pretty good. It was fun. we were able to see Elder Bednar and that was great and I saw Elder Nelson he is doing great. I am going to New town so that should be fun. Love you dad 

Elder Thornhill

"Elder Nelson and the missionary he is training."

"me and Elder Hansen and Elder Chatterly"

"An old district we were in minus one because he went home. "

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