Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 34

Dear Mother, 
Sounds like a long week. I miss cheer ha NOT. Jacob is really good. I have been starting to read the Book of Mormon again in my free time. So me and my companion are doing February/March madness to finish it by the end of march. We just have to read 9 pages a day. It has been going well and I have been learning a lot just by reading through. Man 15 that is crazy. I almost forgot thanks for reminding me.  
This week was good. We had 2 confirmations on Sunday and I was part of them and I really felt the Spirit. The 2 new recent converts are really strong and one of them Kwame I know will go on a mission in a few years. I also bore my testimony during sacrament. Our leaders have encouraged us to bear our testimonies every fast Sunday. I remember when I use to be scared to do that. It's kind of funny now because it is no big deal. I actually look forward to be able to bear my testimony to the ward. I have always just been nervous of scared or just not really good at speaking in public but here its easy. I felt very comfortable at the stand and I really felt the spirit while bearing my testimony so it was a good experience.   

1. (Tell me about your companion.) He is cool. Has had a hard past but is really cool. I don't really know what you want me to say.    

2. (What was something crazy you saw this week.) Oh quick story. We saw cows but that is not the story. We went to a members house for FHE. So they made us food after. They are from Nigeria so they made us an Nigerian dish. My companion is still not use to the food so he couldn't really eat that much. So I had to eat so much food. And the mom just kept giving us more. So I just tried to down it all. I finished it and started to feel sick. So I just walked away from their house small and threw up most of the food I just ate. I felt so much better after that. I was lucky it was at night so no one saw me. So that is the good story for the week.   
3. (How many lessons did you teach?) I think it was like 30 that's about average for a week. But I hate going by numbers because you can have lessons were there is really no point in going. We the investigator isn't really progressing so we had to drop a lot of people this week.   
4. (What was the hardest principle you had to teach?)That you have to be baptized again if it wasn't done by the proper authority. A lot of people don't understand that you can be baptized again and that it is necessary if you want to gain salvation. 

5. (Something you learned in the scriptures you did not already know.) Dispensations. I know crazy right. But I didn't really have a good knowledge and so I had a great P study about this and it was really good. Bible dictio0nary under dispensations is really good.   
6.(Some weird cultural trivia.) you can't use your left hand. You have to eat everything. I don't really know mom sorry. 
Mom you totally stole that from Elaine S Dalton! I read that talk its good. The church is true so true.  
Love Elder Thornhill

Dear Dad,   
I have time so don't worry. I am sure the super bowl was super lame without your only son there. I didn't even know it was this week. But when the Black Stars play Ghana is like a ghost town. There is the cup of nations for Africa so Ghana has been playing. You will be walking down the street and see 30 people around one little small TV watching the game it's pretty funny. They love their black stars here. thanks dad. Things are going well I hope you have a good week, 
Love Elder Thornhill

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