Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 37

Dear Mom,   

I am super excited for Skyler. He will only get back like a year after me.Ah yes I am kind of taking pictures. Just to let you know I am super tired today so sorry if the emails are short.  
1.(What will you do for p-day?)We played Frisbee, rugby, and soccer on a wait for it a grass field. Those are hard to find let me tell you. We also had some good food with the kaneshie elders and went to a store. 
2. (Best and worst of the week.) Best we have some sweet new investigators. Worst only 1 came to church. 

3. (New missionaries yet?) No next transfer 

4. (Who are you teaching?) We are teaching beautiful sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. 

5. (Craziest thing that happened this week?) We saw a military guy carrying a gun. Lucky charms at a gas station. 35 cedi! I didn't buy them.   

6. (Funniest thing that happened.) My mind is drawing a blank. 

7. (Do you laugh a lot?) Yes of course. The people here just make me laugh 

8. (Are you still funny?)  I don't know you have to ask my companion.  

Thank you mother I hope you have a great week. This letter is pretty short but that's all I got in me. love you 

Elder Thornhill

Dear Daddy Oh, 
Man hugs from men are totally approved. Our bishop hugs us all the time. Yep we found out last week (about his mission being split). It's going to be scary because I don't really want to leave President Judd. 

Love Elder Thornhill

Some friends of Mitchell's grandparents are serving a mission in Ghana and ran into him at a conference. They sent us this!

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