Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 35

Dear Mom,
1. (How is your companion is he getting use to being there?) Yes he is doing well. He is adjusting well.

2. (What do you feel like is the best thing you can teach him?) Teach him a love of the scriptures and of the people.

3. (When did you say transfers are going to be?) Next week the 20th. We are getting new missionaries in our apartment.

4.  (Did you get some new pants?) Da bee (no)

5. (How do you get investigators?) Finding. And contacting. Just walking up to people and talking to them.

6. (Craziest thing this week?) No power for a night that was crazy I guess. Nothing else really.

7. (Something different from the culture?) I really don't know what to say you need to be more specific. sorry.

Well have a great week everyone.

Love Elder Thornhill

Dear Father, 
My week was good. We had a baptism on Saturday so that was good. I have a nice rash all over my chest so that is great too. I think I have figured out where it came from so hopefully is goes away. I did leave just in time then. It is going well. Elder Nelson is doing great. That is sweet dad. I don't think I will be able to go golfing here though ha.  Ah the black stars didn't do so hot. They didn't win the cup but man everyone loves them so now I love them too.  
Ben my garments are getting a little yellow these days. Thanks Ben I hope your son is doing well. You better teach him to be a man just like you. Alright sweet packages are the best. Thanks Ben you're the greatest. Can't wait to give you a big hug when I get back 
Much love Elder Thornhill

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