Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 78

Dear mom, 
That's sweet about the missionaries. I have like no time today it has been kind of hectic sorry I can't write much we have an FHE to get too. This week we had MLC it was good. We also went to iron city for a street contacting activity. It was really fun and we contacted a lot of people and hopefully they get to teach some people. I think they got like 89 names or something like that. Sorry there is not much to say. We have Christmas conference this week so that should be fun. Well gotta go love you mom


It was really good. We got a lot done and talked about a lot of things. So hopefully at the zone meeting we will be able to convey the message. I think people forget that one of the most important parts of being a missionary is just being able to be friendly to people and be able to talk and converse with them. If you have good social skills, you can be a great missionary. Thanks dad I love you thank for all you have done for me. 

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