Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Week 81

It was very nice to talk with everyone. I am sure Erica did a great job on her talk and there were probably a lot of people there. I am almost done with the new testament. I have like 15 pages left and I should finish by the end of the month. The open house should be great. An Elder in our apartment got this missionary book for Christmas and I already read it all. It is called the Power of Everyday Missionaries by Clayton Christensen. If you have a chance I would really suggest it. It really just kind of open my vision I guess to what members can do to help missionary work. It's a great book. We don't usually teach it but sometimes we are asked to take the class. Well love you mom have a great week. 
Love Elder Thornhill

The Chuck Norris jokes are always the best. A member raises the bunnies. He is a cop but he loves animals he has bunnies and a dog and fish and all kinds of animals. Thanks dad  I love you. have a wonderful week. 

Love Elder Thornhill

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