Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 45

Dear Mother
That is sad to hear about the Marathon. It's crazy how little news we get from the US. It's kind of nice honestly. We had a good week this week. We taught a lot of lessons and met some good people. I was kind of frustrated on Sunday because we worked hard this week and we only got one at church. But then I realized that 1. People have their agency and I can't change that and 2. and more important that there is always more that I can be doing as a missionary to help this people come unto Christ. So I realized that I can do more and push myself to really be the missionary that My Heavenly Father wants me to be. So I guess that was worst and best about this week I guess. We got denied pretty bad at an apartment complex this week but we also got a few lessons so that was good. We had white people in our ward this week. It was weird. One thing that I learned this week was to have a positive attitude and realize that this message is for everyone. We knocked on some massive houses this week and it was so comforting to know that I know that I have something that can bless this person's life more than anything. I am so glad for my testimony. We taught an investigator too much this week. It was our first visit and I was excited and so we taught him way too much. Like lesson 1 lesson 3 including baptisms for the dead and also Book of Mormon. Afterwards we realized that we taught him way too much. but hopefully we didn't scare him off. He seems really cool so I am not worried. Well I think that is all for this week. Have a great week.
Love Elder Thornhill

Dear Father,
My companion is from South Hampton. Ha yes I love his English accent. It's really cool. Its true there are a lot of different ways to speak English I have learned that for sure. Thanks dad. This week we worked hard and taught a lot of lessons but we didn't have many at church. its hard but I definitely learned that there is always more I can be doing.
Love Your Son

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