Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 96

Hopefully I can think of something to do for my birthday. Our ward mission leader said he was going to buy like sparkling cider and pour it all over me ha. 
It was actually pretty crazy a church had a big parade on one of the streets they had palm leafs and were singing some songs just walking down the street. We are planning to go to members houses and sing to them on Friday especially less active members. Actually me and some of the other elders started that last night. We studied about Christ riding into the Jerusalem and visiting the temple it was nice.  
Well we had a nice week. Probably the highlight was the baptism we had. The water was not really running so there was only like a foot and a half of water in the font so we just had to work with it. It was nice my companion did a nice job at the baptism, I was surprised everyone was able to be baptized.  It was a good week.  
Elder Thornhill


Thanks we will see how good it works out. Something that I have also realized nothing can take the place of just going out and knocking on doors and contacting people especially here. If you work hard you find cool people and the work is so sweet. I love finding and meeting new people. It just like new possibilities and new people and personalities. It's nice being able to meet and interact with so many people. Thanks dad I love you 

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