Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 39

Dear Mother, 

Well I have no time again this week. sorry. No I didn't get sick but don't tell anyone but I have an ingrown toe nail. Might be the greatest thing ever. He had malaria I think. 

1. (Did you ever get a package with your pants?) no not yet probably next week. 
2. (Best thing for the week?)  I can't think of my best thing. Probably the district DVD. 
3. (Worst thing of the week?) in grown toe. Don't get worried mom I am taking care of it. I am a big boy. 
4. (Who are you teaching?) a lot of people. Rita came to church this week, That was great we contacted her on Tuesday.  
5. (When are transfers?) April 2 .
6. (Are you getting a lot of missionaries?) yes 25 next transfer. 
7. (Did you know that your mission is going to be split?) yes we knew before anyone. i am scared ha. 
8. (What is the weather like now? Hot?) yes the exact same hot.  
9. (How many missionaries are in your district?) ^ white elders 6   

Sorry it's so short. Things are great. Love you all 

Love Elder Thornhill

Dear Dad, 
The week was good. We went to a big market today. Thanks dad sorry it's so short. I'm short on time today. 

Love Elder Thornhill

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