Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 49

Dear Mother, 
Well I got transferred to Alajo. It's really city. My companion is Elder Ikoro from Nigeria. I was kind of sad to leave and this past week has been somewhat difficult but I know the Lord has a lot for me to learn here so now I just have to figure out what that is and do all that I can. There are massive gutters in our area. Like a bridge goes over them and it's like 40 feet above the water. We also have trains. There are a lot of Muslims but it has been good. We should have a baptism on Saturday. I did a baptismal interview and it was a humbling experience. It was good though. I must admit I need to improve at writing in my journal so I am going to try and write in it every day. The apartment is interesting. Not as nice as my old one. I realized that sometimes I need to be less OCD ha. I am on the top bunk so that is fun. We have a lot of pet roaches so that is good too. But the water is really nice and we have a nice shower if you cared. My companion loves writing super fast on bikes so that is good. We need to find a lot of new investigators so that should be good. It was hot and we had no power last night so I slept outside for a little. I also am reading a 1998 Ensign Conference edition. I read 2 Nephi chapter 9 and I feel that I was taught a lot by the Spirit. It was exactly what I needed.   
1. (Best thing that happened this week.) We have two good people we are preparing for baptism. 
2. (Worst thing that happened this week.) Just need to do more finding is all. I get sad when I don't go finding. That is something that  I have realized this week. So this week I'm finding and finding the Lord's elect. 
3. (Best contact?) Saturday night at like 8 we met a man named Bossman. He seems cool and we are going back tonight so hopefully he is there.   
4. (Why do you like where you are serving?) I don't know but this area seems good. There are some good residential areas.   
I cant think of anyhting else but ask me questions next week so I remember the new things about my area. the church is true. Love you
Elder Thornhill

Dear Father,  
Thanks dad for everything. I can tell I am going to learn a lot this transfer and it is definitely going to push me so I am excited for the experiences and challenges that await me. i love you dad 
Elder Thornhill

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