Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week 50

Dear mom, 
What crazy. I didn't even know it was a problem. Yes I got the rundown from everyone sounds like a hectic week but I am sure everyone enjoyed it. 
1. (Best of the week?) successful baptism yesterday and we had zone conference on Thursday it was so great. President Judd gave us a lowdown on the new mission and things and it was a great conference. We have Philippine people in our mission. it's crazy. 
2. (Worst of the week?) Not finding enough new investigators and not extending enough baptismal dates. We had a good month for may but we need to work so that we have a good June. 
3. (How is your companion?) He is good. he is Nigerian and loves to cook. in that respect we are completely opposite. he is pretty hilarious though.  
4. (What have you learned from your companion?) How to be patient and to compromise and to be less prideful. I wouldn't say I am prideful but he has taught me to have less pride. 
5. (Tell me something interesting about the area you are serving ?) We have trains and massive gutters. I saw two donkeys this week and they were fighting. 
6. (Are you getting use to the new place? With all your new cockroach  friends? Can I send something to help with that problem?) The new place is good. I'm pretty used to it now. ha my companion hates the bugs so much. no the cabinets are just infested with them so they will just have to come and spray or just redo the own kitchen counter and everything.  
7. (Tell me a little about your companion? how long he has been serving, his family, etc,)He has been serving like 6 moths. his dad is dead but he was a member and his older sister is a member but he has about 5 siblings and his mom is not a member. He was a tailor so he can sew some sweet stuff. A lot of the things he wears he sewed himself. 
8. (Have you found new investigators?) yes but not enough. We got some good referrals this week. 
9. (How is the new ward you are working with?) The ward is good. the bishop is very humble and the leaders are great. it's a nice ward. 
10. (are you still a district leader?) Yes I am still a district leader. It's weird because the zone leaders are in our district but it's cool. it's really not a big deal at all. 
I am doing well mom don't worry too much about me. it is hard but it is the best. alright thanks mom I love you the church is true.
Much love 
Elder Thornhill
P.S. good scriptures this week: 2 Nephi 11:7; D&C 76:116-118, 5-10; Mosiah chapter 5 the whole chapter 

Again the jokes are grade a. Ghana is still sweet. This place is so great. Some times I forget how different it is than America. Yes it is really close to Mataheko. It will be in the Accra west mission. The new mission home is actually like 5 minutes from our apartment. It's a pretty nice building so if stay here I will be in the west mission. sounds like such a crazy week. Man that is crazy he leaves this week, He is going to do great. I am excited to get letters from him. Thanks dad you are a great example to me. I am grateful to have a father like you and just know that I love you and look up to you. Thanks for putting up with me all those years ha. Well things are going pretty well here. We had a baptism on Sunday. Emmanuel and Regina. They are both so great and it was a great experience. Thanks dad have a great week. love you 
your son 

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