Thursday, June 6, 2013

Week 51

Dear Mom, 
1. (Best of the week?) Regina and Emmanuel were both confirmed on Sunday and it was great. I love these two so much.  
2. (Worst of the week?) We didn't find as many people as I would of liked but that's ok. 
3. (Best contact this week?) We met this French guy and he said he didn't go to church anymore because he didn't trust the pastors and so he said he wanted to come to the church. 
4. (Best meal your companion cooked for you?) Gari and okro stew. 
5. (Something you learned from scripture study?) A lot about Jesus Christ. Pilate was actually a decent individual and it wasn't the disciples that buried Jesus it was a random guy. 
6. (Something your companion taught you.) How to love people. That is one of the best things he is teaching me. 
it rained a lot this week. On Saturday we just barely started a lesson with Regina and it started pouring. it's the worst when you get caught in it. I am almost done with Jesus the Christ that book is so great. church was great yesterday and I love the members of our ward. Hope all is well love you 
Your son
Dear Dad, 

That is pretty crazy. I went to the alajo post office this week. It was pretty funny. it was just like a small little 10 by 10 container thing. Yes we live with the tesano elders. we actually live in tesano and just have a short bike ride to our area. they are both from America. Elder Christensen went to Utah state and elder Ralph he is from Florida and he is black. I hope everything is going well with you. I love you have a great week!

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