Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 53

Dear Mother, 
We don't really get to do that much service. The people are very hard to accept help so we don't do too much service. We actually had a recent convert go out with us on Saturday. She is really cool. I am very grateful for her and she is already preparing to go on mission.  
1. (Best and worst) 5 liters of chocolate ice cream for my year mark. It was so good. The whole apartment enjoyed it. We also had corn on the cob that night too. It was so good.  
2.(When are transfers?) Next week Wednesday. 
3.(When will you know what mission you are in?) I'll find out next week when transfer news comes 
4. (What have you learned this week?) I have learned how powerful the Doctrine and Covenants is. I have been studying it and it has been so great.  
Thanks for the package. I got a haircut and it was actually a good one so I am grateful for that. sorry mom I don't have much time today. Things are going well I love you have a great week  
love your son
Dear Dad, 

Jokes are top notch thanks for that. Thanks dad sometimes I forget about everyone back home praying for me so thanks for reminding me. Sorry not much time today love you have a great week 

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