Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 52

Dear Mom,  
1. (What was your best?) best was yesterday. It was kind of bad too but we went to see an investigator who didn't come to church. We went to his house and were sitting outside but then it started raining so we went inside his house. I wish I could show you his house just so you could see how blessed we are. But we were sitting there and the roof started to leak so bad. There was water coming in everywhere and there were a ton of pots and pans collecting the water. And it just kept raining so all we could do is sit there and try to help him. So we were there for like 30 minutes and the whole time I was just thinking how blessed I am. Finally the rain let up a little and we started walking home. To be honest as we walked I was so mad at myself for ever complaining about anything. I just wanted to walk and walk until my feet hurt. It was a lesson learned for me and I am grateful to Heavenly Father for the reality check to me. Just remember how blessed we are. You couldn't imagine the way people live her. We truly are blessed and we need to thank our Heavenly Father and be always willing to serve. 
This week has been good. We can choose to be happy. I finished Jesus the Christ amazing book. Everyone needs to read that. Thank you mom so much I love you. No I don't need anything thank you 
Love Elder Thornhill

Dear Dad,  
Things are going good here.It's very true that is something that I have always tried to improve upon is to be lead by the spirit while giving blessings. I have had a few special experiences since being here and it is one of the greatest feelings is to feel the spirit working through you. Thanks for everything dad I love you and by the way you have an iPhone? man you are a high roller now ha 
have a great week 

Love your son 

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