Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 58

Dear Mom, 
The only thing I can stress to the girls is a study of the scriptures. I have had that on my mind lately. As we study the Book of Mormon especially we will be able to explain our religion and our faith to anyone we come in contact with. As we treasure up the scriptures we will have that great desire to share what we have learned. That is something that I have seen is the difference is having a burning testimony of the Book of Mormon. It is the great sieve and those that are ready for the Gospel will have an interest in that book.  
1. (Where did you move to? Do other missionaries live with you?) We moved like 10 minutes away to a new apartment. We live with the Assistants.  
2. (Are you able to find and teach?) Yes the office would kill me if we couldn't teach. We did some finding this week. But I am looking forward to this next week and being able to find more people to teach. 
3. (How long will you be an office elder?) It's usually about 6 months so we will see what happens. 
4. (Tell me about your companion .) His name is Elder Asay. He is very good with computers and things like that so he is perfect for the office. He was an office elder before in the Ghana Accra mission like 9 months ago so he has a lot of experience.   
Our mission got microwaves so we had to drive around and deliver those last week and also for the next few days. They are pretty nice. We went all over this week. It has been good. Sorry we had to do some things today so I have no time. Girls thanks for writing me. Have fun at Girls camp. I love you all 
Elder Thornhill

Dear Dad, 
I just need to get my international drivers license but I think we are working on it. Its stick so that should be fun as well ha. We don't meet with the mission president every day but he is in contact with us most days. Yes we live with the APs so we have to coordinate with them. Thanks dad I love you. Have a great week. 

Your Son

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