Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 59

Dear Family, 
Sounds like girls camp was fun. I am glad everyone had a good time. Well this week was good. We met some great people in our area. We contacted this one man but he wasn't very interested but his friend Ray was there and he was really interested and we were able to see him again and he is pretty sweet. We did some good finding and we saw pigs on Saturday and I petted some cows yesterday, I'll try and send some pictures. We have missionaries going home next week and we went to the art market and we saw the office elders from the other mission. I got dashed a cool mask so that was nice. nothing much to say the church is true. Hope everyone has a great first week at school. Love and miss you all 
Elder Thornhill

Dear Dad,  

We actually saw part of a stage when we were waiting for pizza one day. The office is good. We are doing good. We met some nice people and I am going to know this part of Ghana really well. Not yet still need to get a license but we are working on it. Thanks for everything love you dad

"Elder Nelson my son and me with our vans. He is an office elder in the Ghana Accra mission "

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