Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 61

Dear Mother, 
My toe nail is still not grown back from when I got it cut ha. Yes I am writing Erica. She is teaching Africans which is sweet. We had missionaries going home last week. So we picked up 5 elders on Monday night and had a big sleepover at our apartment. There were 11 missionaries in our apartment. It was pretty packed ha. So on Tuesday they had all their going home things. Then an elder going to Samoa left on Wednesday so we had to take him to the airport and make sure he made it to security. Then after that we went to the area office and the other mission was having a transfer so we were able to see the other missionaries. I was able to see Elder Bradley so that was really nice. We went to a funeral on Saturday and that was cool. The lady who died her daughter was in our ward so she wanted us to bless her dead mother. It was weird seeing a dead body but it was a good experience. I ate a lot of sugar cane this week. The other Alajo elders are teaching a women and she always gives them sugar cane. I had to do more interviews this week so that was good. We taught Ray on Saturday and he is so interested in the Book of Mormon his understanding is there and so is his desire but he didn't come to church but I know he will progress. The church is true. Ghana is so sweet. Love you mom.   
Love Elder Thornhill

The apartment is good. We don't have a washer at the house but we have one at the office. So I kind of do half and half. I wash some is the washer and some things by hand. Air conditioning, no but our apartment is so cold. I freeze every night ha. Transfers are next week. We usually do office stuff but we played ball a few weeks ago with Elder Hansen. It going well. We are still working on getting new investigators. Tomorrow we are going to the bush to help out with an open house they are doing up there. It's like a 4 hour drive so it should be fun. Love you dad have a great week.

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